Tuesday , August 16 2022

Family cat in Longview tests positive for rabies


A nine-year-old pet cat living on a farm near the community of Longview has tested positive for rabies after it bit it's owner and the owner's child.

Ifølge Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency, the Office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian was notified about a pet cat that tested positive for rabies on November 13th.

Officials say that the animal, born and raised at the home, exhibited aggressive behavior and ended up biting the owner and the owner's son.

Beide geslaagde medische aandacht na de ontmoeting en begonnen rabies post-exposure prophylaxis onmiddellijk.

Four other cats and two dogs that also lived at home are now under a mandatory three-month quarantine and have been given post-exposure rabies vaccinations.

Experts with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have found that the strain of rabies was most likely contracted from an infected bat that had come into contact with the unvaccinated animal.

So far this year, nine bats have tested positive for rabies following incidents where they came into contact with dogs, cats or humans.

De beste bescherming tegen rabies is het houden van uw pet's vaccinaties up to date. Veterinarians say that by doing that, you can also prevent the threat of transmitting the virus between animals and humans.

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