Friday , December 3 2021

Everything We Know About Fortnite Update v7.10 – Release Date, Confirmed Changes and More For Upcoming Patch


Fortnite v7.10 update has not been released yet, but statements from developers at Epic Games have given us a good idea of ​​what to expect when it finally ends.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for Fortnite fans since the release of the massive update of Season 7 on December 6 and the many changes that it brought.

The significantly less v7.01 update, released on December 11, tackled some of the early 7-year complaints but added to the mythical melee weapon called Infinity Blade – an object that was so controversial that it was vaulted in less than a week .

The controversial Infinity Blade was in the game for less than a week.

With Infinity Leaves out of the way, all eyes are now the one that comes next – something like the release of v7.10 should be anwer. Here is everything we know so far.

When released v7.10?

The usual day for a Fortnite update is Tuesday or Wednesday. Our money is Tuesday, December 18th for the v7.10 patch, but we will not know anything for sure until Epic makes an announcement.

That message usually comes the night before the release, so we'll update you here and on Twitter (@Dexerto) as soon as we know more.

What changes in the v7.10 patch?

Nobody really knows what Fortnite developers are up to until they start releasing tips in the game menus or on Twitter.

But statements from Epic staff since the release of the v7.01 patch have given us some important clues:

Stormwingsplanet can still do with some balancing.

X-4 Stormwing

X-4 Stormwing is Fortnite's first flying vehicle and released as part of the update in season 7. Developers have tried to find a good medium since many fans and pro players have pointed out how powerful it can be.

The V7.01 patch made it so that players in one plane when it blows up will all take 25 injuries but society still felt that it was not enough. On December 13, Sean confirmed & # 39; MrPopoTFS & # 39; Hamilton that this state would be up to 50 injuries with the v7.10 patch.

Data mining

If you're a fan of the many skins, items and other cosmetics that leak out after every major update, you'll be disappointed with v7.10 as Epic Games "crackdown on data mines continuously.

On December 13, one of the most popular Fortnite content stores, FNBRLeaks, announced that they would shut down all their social media at the request of an episode attorney.

This news seemed to explain why so many productive data warehousers had gone to the ground in recent months and seem to spell mark the end of most forms of Fortnite leakage forward.

New limited time methods

A rotation of the limited time ratios has been expected from almost any Fortnite update in recent seasons, but there are currently no tips on what to expect for Season 7, Week 3.

The V7.10 patch can introduce a brand new LTM or simply bring an old favorite like Flash back. We will keep you updated!

Bug fixes – Shotguns, Infinity Blade

Bug fixes are staples for any game update, but Fortnite fans will be particularly interested in seeing if the developers have something to deal with the current problems with hacking pellets that are not registering properly.

Another significant glitch involves Infinity Blade, even though it is crooked, still randomly occurring in some matches and becomes chaos when it does.

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