Wednesday , April 14 2021

EV infra politics soon; Individual can set up the charging station for commercial use: R K Singh

New Delhi, November 11 () The Ministry of Power would soon develop a charging infrastructure policy for electric vehicles (EV), which also allows individuals to set up the charging station for commercial use to increase e-mobility, says Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister RK Singh Sunday .

"We have circulated the EV charging principle for comments (among other departments / ministries). The second line in the policy states that everyone is free to set up EV charging stations," said Singh to reporters at the International Symposium for Promoting Innovation & Research in Energy Efficiency (INSPIRE).

When asked if individuals could use the plant for commercial reasons, he replied, "Absolutely. You do not need a license".

The EV charging infrastructure is required to increase EV values ​​in the country. India intends to have a significant proportion of electric motors in vehicle strength in 2030, which is in line with the commitment to reduce emissions intensity by one third from 2005 level.

About the extension of a hybrid auction of 1200 MW (wind and sun), the minister said: "The ceiling ceiling has been increased to 2.70 kr per unit. We extend it because we have increased the price of the roof."

The auction scheduled for October 26th was postponed until November 14th. The successful tenderer will set up hybrid solar and wind power of 1200 MW together. The industry has opposed Rs 2.6 per unit unit during the hybrid tender.

At the same time, the closing date for the tendering tender for 10GW sol auction will be extended to 19 November. Technology bidding will open on November 20th. The auction, which also includes the 3GW manufacturing component, has been extended many times. Tenders should be submitted on 12 November.

Promoting pure energy is important for the government. India has set a target to have 175 GW of clean energy, including 100 GW solar and 60 GW wind power, before 2022.

The minister said India has 72 GW installed renewable energy capacity, while 20 GW is under different implementation runs and 27 GW is offered.

Singh also informed that his department is working to coordinate with the department of oil to establish an EV charging station for petrol pumps.

To support investments in new, innovative and scalable business models, the EESE (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) also signed a Global Environment Facility (GEF) agreement to grant USD 13 million to create an Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund ( EERF) at this time.

EERF aims to expand and maintain investments in the energy efficiency market in India, build market diversification and strengthen existing technology.

During Inspire 2018 on Friday, the EESL and GAIL (India) Ltd signed the MoU to develop natural gas-based CHP and triggering projects in commercial and industrial sectors. The agreement is in favor of industries such as hotels, hospitals, airports, business centers, commercial / public buildings, integrated residential areas, educational institutions, data centers, among other things, with the benefits of combined heat and energy technology.

Inspire 2018 has been organized in collaboration with the Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE), the Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Administrative College of India (ASCI).

The event was also attended by Junaid K Ahmad, Country Director, World Bank (WB) and Kenichi Yokoyama, Country Director, Asian Development Bank (ADB). KKS KKS BAL BAL

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