Friday , December 3 2021

Epic sheathes Infinity Blade after Fortnite fan backlash – TechCrunch


Epic, the creator of the crazy popular cross-platform for first person shooter online game Fortnite, has experienced a failed gameplay when releasing a super powerful new weapon in the battle royal arena earlier this month – triggering a big fan backlash.

Complaints boiled down because it was unfair that the overcrowded weapon would exist in the usual game modes, given the enormous advantage that was given to the one who managed to find it.

Earlier this month, Epic had drawn the upcoming Infinity Blade as "a weapon is suitable for a king".

It continued to release the super-powered weapon December 11th, shortly after releasing an update of season 7 – so probably there would have been an intention to increase Fortnite fans game play.

Instead, the drastically upset game's balance was successful. Without adequate weaponry / strategy to win against the weapon, Fortnite fans were right angry and hell.

But on Friday, three days after the launch of the magazine, Epic pulled out the "superseded" weapon from the game – admitted that it failed to give "good counters" and "revaluate our attitude to mythical things".

Exposing even billions in funding and tens of millions of obsessively committed fans can not protect a game maker from making some pissed game decisions.

A few days earlier, Epic had presented a discussion thread about Reddit who said it would give "more context on object philosophy" and subsequent "future changes in the magazine" – like eliminating players ability to build and reap when wearing Blade to add a some risk of holding it – so hope to win fans over at the time. And actually seems to double on its mythical object push.

Then, it also wrote that its intention to add a mythical tier of objects to Fortnite is to provide "new and tasteful ways to interact with the map and generally shake up normal games over standard modes".

Which of course is another way of saying that it does not want its highly committed fan base to get bored and stop pouring money into their coupons.

Emic, however, did not succeed in incorporating the necessary balance into Infinity Blade from the outset. So pulling the blade was the right move, and Fortnite fans should be happy it's realized that it needs to be reassessed and factor in their concerns.

It is not clear whether Epic's reassessment will lead to completely removing mythical objects.

Although proper balancing features – as time-limited and / or locked to certain game modes – can still be a place for a little epic chaos in Fortnite to further up the fun. Just can not do too crazy, okay?

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