Thursday , July 29 2021

Ed Oliver has probably already played his latest college game

Ed Oliver has declared his intention to enter the NFL draft from 2019 and he is not well, so he has probably already played his latest college game.

In recent years, there has been a trend for the best NFL prospects to skip essentially meaningless bowl games to protect themselves from serious injury. Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette did it a few years ago, and this year Ohio State Defensive End Nick Bosa declared that he would focus on recovering an injury to prepare for the 2019 draft instead of playing for Buckeyes again. As a similar highly anticipated draft prospect, the University of Houston is trying to defend Ed Oliver's decision-making time about his own future.

Oliver, 2017 Outland Trophy winner, declared his plans to explain for the 2019 NFL draft last spring. While not an official announcement at that time, Oliver made it clear that this was his last university.

The Cougars hit Tulane 48-17 on Thursday night, moving to 8-3 in the season. Quarterback D & # 39; Eriq King suffered a knee injury and did not finish the game, but it was not what made news.

Oliver missed his fourth straight game with knee injury Thursday night, so he's probably a bit frustrated anyway. But a strange rule about who can wear sidewalls led to a heated exchange with head coach Major Apple White.

Apparently there is a team rule in Houston if only active players may wear a black jacket like the one that Oliver had on. This indicates that there is limited access, which is also a ridiculous idea for a football program outside the Power 5 conferences. Oliver's status as one of the best players on the team should not be part of the question, but it is possible that he did not know all the details of the fur rule because he usually is in uniform.

It is quite clear that both guys could have managed the situation better. But Apple White, as the proverbial adult in the room in leadership position, could have done what he did in the shooting chamber's integrity.

Oliver did not return to the field with the team from half-time, leaving Apple White to deal with the matter after the match.

There is a rule for our team, "said Apple White. "Everyone follows the rule. I asked him to follow the rule. He was upset about it and I get it. We handle these types of situations all the time. This is something we will learn from and grow from.

Houston will take on Memphis in their regular season finale next Friday before going to any kind of mid-race bowl with eight or nine wins. Oliver does not seem to be very close to playing, and while it is a trivial question (and rule), he did not return to the sidelines for the second half after the race says it all.

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Oliver is in line to be top 10 in next spring's draft, if not top five, so he should give priority to being ready to go to the delay process. Houston can win 10 wins this season by winning, but it's not something Oliver needs to care about if the knee is not 100 percent healthy. So we have probably already seen the last Oliver on a college football field, and Thursday's sideline spat over a rock may have made their decision to sit a little easier.

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