Monday , December 6 2021

Drivers charged in Brazilian transitional deaths


Two men were charged in connection with the death of a Brazilian exchange student struck in an infamous Burnaby, BC, crosswalk almost a year ago.

Fernanda Girotto, 15, was killed at the junction on Cariboo Road south of Highway 1 just after 7 o'clock on PT on January 17th.

Paul Oliver Wong, 46, and Kai Man Cheu, 58, were charged under the motor vehicle bill last month. Burnaby RCMP confirmed charges on Monday.

Wong is accused of driving without care and attention, as well as not giving to a pedestrian in a crossing.

Cheu has been asked to drive without caution and attention, unsafe pass to the left and crosses a solid double line.

Mounties said that two people were charged for investigators to think that there were two consequences.

A memorial on Cariboo Road in Burnaby for international student Fernanda Girotto, who died after being hit by a vehicle on January 17th. (CBC)

The section of Cariboo Road is close to one of the ramps from Highway 1. Drivers leave the highway, then around a corner and rise up before going south on Cariboo Road.

A cyclist was hit and injured in the same area several days after Girotto was killed. The back-to-back collisions led to the need for new traffic lights at the junction.

Locals said the crossing sees a dangerous combination of high speed and poor visibility.

Wong and Cheu are expected in court on Monday.

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