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Daryl Katz, Joel Quenneville and Edmonton Oilers


Even though they have been better than most had thought, the prospects for Edmonton Oilers are relatively unchanged. As we all know, the hope of the tandem by Peter Chiarelli and Todd McLellan was quite high, so the fact is, this group is still considered as, at best, it's not good to play a French game. These results combined with a newborn opportunity may force Daryl Katz to make a move faster than expected.

Gary Bettman and Daryl Katz

Gary Bettman and Daryl Katz (Photo by Bruce Bennett / Getty Images)

With his club in the middle of what has quickly become a cruel four-game-losing ski and the masses, again screaming for change, Katz's time is seriously considering his next move over us. Add the sudden availability of Joel Quenneville, many of whom look like one of the top two NHL buses, and the writing might well be on the wall of the current regime.

Quenneville is as good as it is

If the organization decides to go in a new direction, it will come down to two simple things. Does the former Chicago Blackhawk bench manager have any interest in coming to Alberta's capital and how many controls is the owner of this club willing to write to try to get this ship pointed in the right direction? If the first part of the equation is realistic, Katz would be out of his cradle to not continue things longer and in short order.

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Unfortunately, such a decision will cost and it will be quite significant. According to Sportsnet analyst Nick Kypreos, it is obvious that the "will" to come back behind the bench quickly, it's quite true for Quenneville, but then another two or three year term will be on his current deal with Chicago promised in 2019- 20 campaign.

In other words, Oilers would look at a four or five year deal near $ 6 million per season, with Blackhawks chipping in some money to help make Quennville slash their books on time and let them turn side. Seems simple and it takes us to step two and the termination of McLellan's contract and eats the remaining dollars on his business.

Just like Quennville, born in Melville, Saskatchewan has a year left on his current contract, seeing Edmonton pay him an annual salary of $ 3 million. Of course, it's not ideal to shelling out that kind of coin on coaches, especially when one of the two will no longer be with the organization, but it may sometimes be the price of doing business. A hard pill to swallow to be sure, but one this organization should be happy to accept.

Oilers spin their wheels

In his defense, McLellan has never got a real roster to work with during his time in Edmonton but he has had his hitch on the road. Was it a game style, an unwillingness to make game adjustments or the use of some of his players, young and old, are the wayfares there for all to see. But at the end of the day a coach can only work on what he has received and in my mind there are still parts of the jigsaw puzzle.

In the great planning of things, when an organization fails to meet expectations, the general manager will eventually pay the price, but in most cases the main trainer will be given his running paper before. Chances are we'll see the same script followed by Oilers in Chiarelli. With that said, unless Quenneville would come in and galvanize the group to a surprising run in the playoff, GM is on borrowed time.

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Although we never officially have a number or term attached to Chiarelli at his employment, chances are that the latter would be the same as the main coach and the former would be quite large. After all, we are talking about a man who not only holds the title of General Manager with the club but also the president of Hockey Operations and was quite aggressively pursued by this organization.

Again the cost will not be beautiful and the chance is that we will not see anything happening until the summer with Chiarelli but if it is for the club in the long run, the owner will have to pull out the checkbook and make the problem go away. It might sound a little tough but if the alternative is to alienate big pieces of this fan base, who thinks it or not … start happening, the decision becomes easier and easier in the minute.

Joel Quenneville

Former Chicago Blackhawk's head coach Joel Quenneville (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

Simply put, an opportunity to take in a coach as highly regarded as Joel Quenneville does not happen every day. Edmonton Oilers is at the stage where the so-called "status quo" can be further accepted and the only person who can do that reality is Daryl Katz. It will not be nice, but there is only one direction, this can be hoping to reverse this case and the sooner it will happen the better.

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