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Cruise: Royal Caribbean cruise ships have two passengers' deaths during a four-day trip | Cruise | Trip

Royal Caribbean cruise ship Voyager of the Seas saw two passengers die on board this week. The two holiday makers – a 75-year-old and the second 61-year-old – had started a four-day cruise from Singapore on Monday. Both were from Singapore and thought they had died of natural causes during the short journey. Royal Caribbean has expanded its compassion for the two passengers' families.

It is not known on which exact days the two travelers died but their deaths are said to be unrelated.

A royal Caribbean spokesman told "We extend our most sincere sympathy to the families of the 75-year-old and 61-year-old Singapore guests who both died of unrelated natural causes while aboard the Voyager of the Seas.

"According to our standard procedure, we have informed the respective families and we provide them with help during the difficult time."

Voyager of the Seas was scheduled for a four-day cruise to Penang, Malaysia.

It arrived on the Malaysian trip Tuesday before it was started and docked in Phuket, Thailand yesterday (May 15).

The cruise ship is expected to return to Singapore on Friday, May 17.

According to the local Singaporean news site The Straits Times, tickets for the trip cost from US $ 491 (£ 384).

On some cruise lines, when someone dies on a ship, the message "Operation Bright Star" is made, warning the crew of a passenger's death.

The body is then put up in a body bag and placed in the ship's morning. There is usually room for three or four bodies on board.

Tina Molson, 52, from Cleethorpes, who worked in a built-in duty-free shop from 2002 to 2010, has explained that deaths are not so rare.

"Many of the older passengers go on cruise ships for months because it is cheaper for them than staying at home. Some even go to sea to die. There was often a death on board." Tina told the sun.

There are about 200 passenger deaths aboard cruise ships, according to The Telegraph.

Most cruise ship deaths are a result of age-related diseases. The average age of a British cruise passenger was 56 in both 2017 and 2016, according to industry figures.

Last month, a passenger died on board the SuperStar Aquarius, which was run by Hong Kong-based Star Cruises, in a freezer for the rest of the cruise.

None of the passengers on board were considered to be aware of death.

A statement from Star Cruises said the company had "immediately informed Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration of the event and contacted the passenger's family."

But Chih-huang's family says they only learned from death through the Coast Guard.

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