Monday , August 8 2022

Comedian Mike Ward says that Hells Angels protected him after joking about missing girl


MONTREAL – The Hells Angels are "very good guys", says Quebec comedian Mike Ward during the latest episode of a popular podcast hosted by American media star Joe Rogan.

So good indeed that the biker block "protected" Ward after outraged Quebecers threatened to kill him over a joke about a missing girl, said comedian Rogan.

"The only business owners I would ever do was show for military, police or Hells Angels," said Ward on the profanity-laced show, uploaded on Wednesday and already has more than 308,000 views on YouTube alone.

"And then I realized," continued Ward, "when you talk to a group of police or a group of Hells Angels – they are the same guys. They have the same mentality."

Rogan replied: "The only difference is that you can call the police – they will help you. Hells Angels will not do anything."

Not true, Ward said.

Ward, whose dark and abrasive style has landed him in trouble in his home province, told Rogan that in 2008 he laughed that Cedrika Provencher had disappeared – a nine-year-old girl who had disappeared a year earlier – and Quebec's income agency.

Revenue Quebec had frozen Ward's bank accounts and Ward shared Rogan jokes as he told a festival gala about the relentless tax collectors: "If you owe them eight dollars, they will kidnap your little children. They are the ones who have (Cedrika)!"

Three weeks later, Ward, a popular Quebec television host named Cedrika Provencher's grandfather, said on the air, informing him that Ward had a joke at his grandchildren's expense.

Within a long time, Wards boss received threatening messages. "My boss calls me, and he's like:" There are people who will kill you, "said Ward to Rogan.

Ward said he looked out a window on the window one day and saw people lined up across the street from his home.

He said he learned two or three years later that Hells Angels had stationed people at each end of his street to keep an eye on protesters. "They had said their dudes … watching the people who want to kill Mike Ward," he said. He wondered, "Hells Angels protected me."

Rogan noted that "many Hells Angels are probably good guys".

Ward replied, "It's the same with Mafia guys. If you do not owe them money, they're good guys."

Hells Angels is considered a ban on motorcycle gangs by federal and provincial authorities. A war between the Quebec branch of Hells Angels and the rock machine Rock Machine in the 1990s and early 2000s left more than 150 people dead, including an 11-year-old boy.

Ward is no stranger to controversy.

He was fined $ 42,000 by the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal in 2016 to make a joke considered in bad taste about a disabled boy.

Ward questioned the decision, and the question is still before the courts. He told Rogan all the legal review is likely to cost him about $ 200,000.

"I'll be 97 years old when I get the judgment," he joked.

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