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Black Friday 2018: Online, China holds the purchase price


And many of these online customers do not go to their desktops or grab their laptops. According to Adobe, more than half of online buyers made purchases on their mobile devices. Such sales did not increase the mark of 50 percent last year, said the company.

– Zach Wichter

When bargain becomes a tradition

There are three reasons why Black Friday is so popular, and two of them are the deal, says Tulin Erdem, marketing professor at the New York University's Stern School of Business.

"The economical savings, feel good about yourself, have found a lot, are a gentle consumer," she said, adding a key factor. In addition, since so many stores offer Black Friday sales, it is easier to find discounts without having to search as hard as possible for the rest of the year.

But, Dr Erdem said, another reason Black Friday is still so popular is tradition.

"It still has its appeal because of this ritualistic aspect," she said. "It's like going to a big important baseball game or Super Bowl like an American family."

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Keep in mind that the National Retail Federation surveyed 7,516 consumers about their purchase plans this year and 26 percent of those who planned to shop on Black Friday said it was because of tradition. Another 23 percent said they should shop because there is only something to do. (As far as we know, nobody was asked if they only shop to get away from family members.)

Of course, Black Friday is just the beginning of things. If retailers do not start discounting before Thanksgiving – and most seem – they really use the vacation package to run goods in every trip. The biggest discounts tend to come on "Super Saturday" – the last Saturday before Christmas, says Craig Johnson, CEO of Customer Growth Partners, a retail analysis company.

But Black Friday does not matter. Consumers surveyed by the Retail Federation that they planned to buy more on Black Friday than on any other day of the Thanksgiving weekend.

And Black Friday maintains cultural cache, especially for "new Americans," says Mr. Johnson, because new arrivals are more likely to participate. "Then you learn to be an American consumer by showing up and shopping on black friday."

– Zach Wichter

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