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Best Black Friday laptop deals 2018: UK offers and savings


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How to shop for a laptop

Choose your operating system: If you want MacOS (arguably the most intuitive and modern of the bunch), you're looking for an Apple. Windows will be the most common operating system available and, typically, offers the widest range of programs (especially useful if you're looking to work on your laptop). Derefter, en Chromebook tilbyr en strømlinet version eller mye av de samme grunnleggende funksjonene (Internett, tekstbehandling, etc) og kommer til en lavere prispunkt.

Look at all the specs: You want to invest in something fit for purpose. Each laptop's screen size, weight, memory, graphics capabilities and battery life will affect its suitability for your personal requirements. Sørg for at du leser detaljene i detalj slik at dine kjøp oppfyller dine behov. If you're not sure what all the jargon means, here's a rundown.

  • RAM: This is your laptop's memory. 4GB is acceptable as your minimum but 8GB or better is recommended for a high performance model and / or all day daily use.
  • CPU: The Central Processing Unit is the processor responsible for running the programs on your laptop. Look out for models with multiple 'cores' as each CPU core optimizes performance – an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor will do a top job.
  • GPU: We are talking graphics cards – the things which process visuals. Each GPU has its own nuances and it's worth researching to ensure it is powerful enough for your needs. High-end gaming laptops will require something special, like the Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon series.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) vs. Hard Disk Drive (HDD): This is tech hose for storage. Many laptops now come with an SSD, which are more expensive but perform faster. Beide do the same job, maar HDDs zijn nog steeds de algemene voorkeur voor consumenten (alles gewoon lopend een beetje slower).
  • Resolution: Screen resolution will determine the quality of the things you read and watch. Elke weergavepaneel is gemaakt van pixels en meer pixels betekent meer detail. Kijk uit voor een resolutie van 1920 x 1080 of hoger. Many brands use additional slang terms (like Retina, QHD, and UHD), but you'll want to focus on the numbers themselves for a jargon-free comparison.

Are you looking for a touch screen laptop? Many newer Windows laptops come with this handy option and offer a great deal to younger, older, or more artistic types. Some touch screen models will be described as '2 in 1 laptops' as they can be used as a laptop or tablet. Ef þú velur venjulegt lyklaborð, gerðu það að verkum að prófa það fyrir þægindi ef þú ert að keyra reglulega.

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