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BC. Researchers hope blood tests can personalize cancer treatment

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A drop of blood could be the key: B.C. Cancer Agency researchers say that a simple blood test can open the door to more personal care for patients.

The agency says DNA in the blood can be used to predict which drugs can be more effective in treating patients.

"I'm really here today because of it," says Sanja Simic, a cancer survivor who helped finance the project. "I benefited from some of the latest surveys that showed a treatment course that was very effective for any of my profile, age and disease type and stage and so on."

Simic is the CEO of the Conconi Family Foundation, which has donated $ 1.2 million to the two-year study.

"I had just turned 30, wasn't quite ready for cancer to lie on my radar or anything I had to deal with at that time," she added. "What was comforting was knowing that there is an A team here in British Columbia, in the clinic and even in research, and I really benefited."

Researchers will also use data from breast cancer patients who have been treated in B.C.

Researchers hope to treat other cancers, such as those involving the lungs or colon in the future.

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