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Anna Duggar Unrecognizable After Dramatic Fitness Challenge

Anna Duggar, wife of the former 19 children and bill star Josh Duggar, looked dramatically different in an Instagram Story video she shared after taking a dramatic training challenge in February.

Although Instagram Story has since expired, a Duggar fan page took a screenshot from the cliff, giving a place for Duggar fans to talk about how good she looks now.

Dewgar, 30, has been open with fans about being healthy. She took a "50 February" challenge and went 55 miles a month. "Now in March – hoping to go another 50 miles" she wrote on March 2.

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(Photo: Instagram / 19duggarfan)

The Instagram Story video was a campaign for KiwiCo, which makes art cases that parents can subscribe to and have sent to their homes. The drawers help children create unique science and art projects to get them excited about science, technology, technology and mathematics.

Dewgar and her five children with Josh – Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith and Mason – have appeared on Counting, but Josh has avoided the spotlight since 2015. The oldest Duggar son has been absent in his family's television program because it was shown to he beat five young girls, including two of his sisters.

But with rumors that Duggar expects a sixth child, Duggar shared photos on his Instagram Story in January, which suggested Josh's return to the series. The pictures showed their family on a scavenger hunt, including one with a cameraman barely visible. While it is possible that Duggar can be edited from the image material, it continues to show how close Josh remains with the family despite the controversy surrounding him.

The latest Instagram entry came on Thursday to share pictures of their children at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's house on National Pi Day.

"One of many (literally)" sweet "memories I have of my grandmother Stembridge was when she taught my sisters and I how to bake a cake from scratch-crust and everything! So since it's National Pi Day we took a bag of apples , led grandmother and grandpa Duggar house to feed the animals while they are out of town … and then grandmother Stembrid's apple pie baked, "Duggar wrote. "Our children are looking forward to meeting their grandmother in the sky one day – because now we enjoy their pie!"

While it is not known whether Duggar will welcome a new child at any time soon her family grew with one in October. Her sister Priscilla Waller welcomed a new sweetheart, Destiny Faith Waller. Waller and her husband, David Waller, are parents of three other children.

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