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411's WWE RAW Report 12.17.18


Hi, my name is Tony Acero. You may remember me from such columns as, "I'm a DeMarco Guy" and "How RAW Do You Want."

McMahon starts the show and Cole switches about 4 whole nuts.

Vince encourages a little boos. He says everyone wants to know what's happening. He has asked that question himself. He says that RAW has been in the air for over 25 years. One of the reasons for their success is that they change over time. Despite a man's brilliance, despite his creativity, a man's vision, he can not do anything for himself anymore. However, he can do without us. With that in mind … ..

Here is Stephanie McMahon. The rename falls Cardi B, and it's as bad as it sounds.

Vince tells the audience to be kind. Steph welcomes someone else to Fray. It's Triple H.

Is it pink? Frey? Freigh? I do not know. Anyway, Trips fits up, and comes out looks pretty good in blue. Cole pimps him a lot when he goes down and mentions that he is a foster child in the NXT brainchild.

Vince creepy hugs Triple H. Looks like we're not finished ….

SHANE O & # 39; MAC is here!

He gets the highest pop. He hugs everyone and then puts on his curious face. Nice to be invited to Game Night at McMahons.

Steph is out here tonight because they have not done a very good job for us lately, and they listen to their audience. They have left the middle management air crimes and choke their superstars. Everything will change tonight. This is a new start. The day of absence is over. From now on, the four of them will take back Monday Night RAW. Shane says this applies to Smackdown as well. The four are responsible for all of us having the best possible experience. Steph says they will empower the superstars and all of us. And they will give us what we want. Something new, something new. We will see new faces, new wrestlers, new matchups. From now on we are the authority.

Baron Corbin has something about all this, apparently, and he comes out to speak of justice. He claims what happened to him last night was not fair.

Trips and Co gives him a chance. If he wins the following match he can be GM. And it's against KURT ANGLE!

Match 1: Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

Just before the match, Triple H goes out with Roode, Gable and Apollo, making it a handicap match.

They all play with Corbin, including Heath, until Shane comes out to make it a NO DQ match, so Heath can attack as well. Angle finally struck him with an angle slap and pin for 123.

Sorry for the Shitty report, the feed is really snapped on me. Get ready for your regular essay.

Winner: Kurt Angle, Apollo Crews, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable
Is this what I wanted …?
Match Quality: NO
Personal enjoyment: NO
Overall Rating: NO

After the game, all tables, and Angle Angle Slams get him on it.

Match 2: Find Balor vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lockup to start. Find backs against the rope. Ziggler shoves him. Find hits the ropes, but the Dolphin cinches sideclock and do not let go. Takedown to the carpet and Finn rolls into a pin for 1. Arm pull from Balor. One more. Both men stand. Finn then kicks snap mares in a kick to the back. Find with whip. Drop kick to the face. Ziggler rolls on the outside.

Back to the match, and Balor kicks Ziggler. Ziggler rushes the corner with the right, but Finn prevents it. Ziggler seems to meet a Fameasser, get it, but Drew McIntyre comes out !! Ziggler attacks immediately. Find flips over the top rope at Ziggler and Drew! Ziggler throws FInn into the ring, meets a Fameasser! Pin for 1..2 … NO !!! Ziggler is waiting for Finn to stand, but Finn fires out with a blade. Find rushing on the corner but Drew enters the ring and hits a big clothing line that causes DQ.

Winner: Find Balor via DQ
Another match was destroyed by flow problems. Sorry guys
Match Quality: NO
Personal enjoyment: NO
Overall Rating: NO

Drew throws Finn to the outside. Ziggler is able to attack, but Drew Headbutts Dolph! He assembles and hits the elevator lifts Ziggler as nothing, pushes him to the rope, CLAYMORE KICK !!! He leads to the outside. Finn is up. CLAYMORE KICK!

Ambrose and his sirens come down to the ring after a commercial break. He claims that more things change, the more they become the same. He claims everything he predicted would happen happened. Seth Rollins failed us all. He does not need respect or anything else from us because he has the title. It was not long ago when Seth had two titles and now he has no. He took the most important role in Rollin's life, and he is not ready. When he's done, Seth will not have anything left. NOTHING. He will take Rollin's career and reputation and pull it through clay and throw it in the trench where it belongs. However, there is another option. He is WWE's moral compass. He has an obligation to do the right thing to give him a chance to come out, be a character and integrity and tell the world and the Dean that he was right.

Seth does not show. Dean calls him a fegis. He says Seth lost the title, and he can not even come out and show his face. Because none of this has worked, he has a new idea – he will steal a page from him. He wants an open challenge for the title of someone who is not called Seth Rollins.

Tyler Breeze answers.

Match 2: Intercontinental Championship Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Tyler Breeze

Breeze tries to get over right just before the break. When we come back we see that he did not do well. Ambrose covers a clothesline for 1..2..NO !!! Cravat from behind. Ambrose slammers Breeze hard, her head first and holds on. I should mention that there are dude surrounding the ring wearing gas masks. Breeze with high kick to the head of Ambrose. Ambrose is shocked. Breeze humps up, frankensteiner and a pin for 1..2..NO !!! Kick from Breeze out of the corner. Ambrose sets himself up and Breeze covers for 1..2..NO !!! The Beauty Shot Kick! Breeze goes to the top rope. He is flying with a crossbody. Pin for 1 … .2 … NO !!!! Superkick from Breeze. 1 … 0,2 … ..NO !!!! Ambrose kicks out and Breeze is frustrated.

Ambrose with dirty deeds! Pin for 1..2 … 3 !!!

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Match Quality: *
Personal enjoyment: *
Overall Rating: *

Ambrose gets on the microphone to say that this is what a master looks like, and Rollins is a little punk to not come down to the ring. Seth's music hits. Ambrose assembles his team of gasdudes. ONE OF THEM IS SETH! Did Watry know that it comes? Seth attacks the crew, kicks some and screams at Ambrose, which creeps up the ramp with his title.

Backstage, Shane is with Charley. He says there will be many new faces. Opportunity has come a knockin. He is interrupted by Drake Maverick and AOP. They are the rightful tagging team. He is sure that Shane is aware that their titles are stolen from them. He knows that Shane is about the tough decisions, but he has a simple man for him now. The required rematch. Shane says it's a little outdated. Corbin gave the titles to these guys, so here's what we can do. We can create an opportunity. They can take on B-Team, The Revival and The House House Party in a deadly four way for a future opportunity for the titles.

We get a picture of some new faces coming to WWE next. EC3 observation among other things. Join him, Lars, Lacyy Evans, Nikki Cross, Tucker Night and Otis too.

In the ring is Lashley and Lio chillin. Lashley himself has a guitar and he is ready to play a tune. Elias is not the only one who can play sweet sound with a guitar. In fact, the biggest music Elias has ever heard was the sound of the guitar cracking over the back last night. We all came here to witness a true performance and artwork. But before they start, silence our cell phones, keep our applause, and most importantly, close our mouths. Lashley handed the broken guitar to Lio. Lio tells Lashley to meet it with the double bicep. Lashley poses Comparing Lashley to Elias is comparing the golden state wars to Sacremento Kings. Next is Bobby's favorite position. Lashley bends and smashes his ass. Ah, this must be what they talked about at the top of the show.

JoJo introduces Elias, which lies behind Lashley. He smashes Lashley with a guitar, then leaves the ring, all smiles.

Match 3: Revival vs. B-Team vs. AOP vs. Lucha House Party


Match Quality:
Personal enjoyment:
Overall Rating:

We get an interview with Seth Rollins who talks about the audience last night and takes it as his responsibility. He must stop Dean Ambrose. Corbin comes up saying Seth is the reason he lost his place, why roster hates him, and why McMahon is in charge. What the Dean said about him was true, and if half of the locker room did not already attack him, he would take Seth's title. Oh, dean did it already.

Seth beats him squarely in his face.

Ronda is in howwwwssseeee. She told Nia she would finish that hand, told Charlotte that she would write the next chapter in her story and told Becky that she is the last woman on earth she should provoke. She did not come here to motivate her actions, she came here to define what a real champion is. A master, a real, is so much more than just a title that someone puts in front of your name or an item you can hold in your hands. A real champion is so much more than the winner of a match or decision from a ref. It's a symptom. A true champion represents the limit of human potential, the best of the best, physically, mentally, morally. The best that the human race has to offer and that's why she is here tonight.

She loses the audience.

She suggests that we begin a new tradition. Every night, after a PPV, the master shows up and defends his title. She came here for a fight. Open Challenge Here and now.

Wow ….

Then behind us, we see all the girls screaming and screaming until their lord Stephanie McMahon screams enough and tells them to follow her. They go to the ramp, and Seth says that all these women want a match against her, and they all deserve, but Steph no longer plays favorites. Each of these girls will have the opportunity to get the title shot. The eight woman GAUNTLET MATCH begins … .now.

Match 4: Gauntlet Match
Alicia Fox vs. Bayley

Bayley works in the middle and tries to get a rollup for 1 … NO! Lockup and Bayley work the left arm. She is rocking. 1 … NO !!! Alicia is locked up on the rope. Alicia kickes out of the corner. She hits an elbow and then hits Bayley and pin for 1 … NO! Alicia sends Bayley face into the corner hard. Kick to the bowel Other. A third in the corner. Snapmare from Alicia then a lid for 1..2.NO! Cravat from behind. Bayley turns into the stop. Alicia attacks her back, Alicia goes for Ax Kick, but Bayley unlocks from the side and hits a suplex! Pin for 1..2..NO !!!

JUST FOR MEN is our sponsor of this match. No joke there.

Bayley hits the shoulder from the apron and gets kicked and Alicia chokes her up. Alicia attacks Bayley's horse tail. She removes the headband and then tries for the rubber band. Bayley is fighting back, but Alicia kicks her and stops the move. Whip to the corner and Alicia covers for 1 … 2 … NO !!! Bayley can send Alicia to the corner hard. Whip from Alicia but Bayley skips landing on her knee wrong.

Alicia with a big start. Protection for 1..2..NO !!! BAYLEY REVERSES. PIN FOR 1 … 2 … .3 !!!

Dana Brooke vs. Bayley

Fashion with spring break and a lid for 1..2..NO !!! Another protection for 1..2 … .NO !!! Right hands she locks in a sicssor from behind. Dana clicks her knee from behind. Ref checks her but Dana takes to Bayley and sends her into the corner. She kicks a couple of times. Whip to Bayley, but Bayley falls down and hurts his knee.

Dana from behind with a cravat. Bayley flies. BAYLEY TO BELLY !!!

Mickie James vs. Bayley
Mickie with a cover of the commercial break. Bayley kicks out on two, but she hurts. Mickie chokes her on the ropes. Mickie hits the ropes, dive and Bayley moves. Mickie crashes into the rope. Cover from Bayley for 1..2 … NO !!! They are in the hands in the middle of the ring. Mickie is wrong, Bayley rolls her up for 1..2..NO! Single flapjack by Mickie. Chip up, and Mickie goes to the top. She shows with a stand and pin for 1..2..NO !!! Bayley turns to 1..2..NO !!! Reverse. 1 … 2 … no !!! Mickie is upstairs. Kick to face 1 … 0,2 … .NO !!!! Bayley kicks out again! Mickie kicks, calls for DDT. But Bayley with a saito suplex !!! Bayley is up! She grabs her leg. Mickie kicks her out of the ring! Mickie hits the rope. She slips Bayley catches her! Spins her. Knee to the head! Bayley fixes her ponytail and then head to the top rope. Bayley back in the ring, slides a bit on the ropes, because her knees give a little bit. Bayley on the 2nd rope. Cross !!! Bayley lands on his knees. She stands. Bayley runs with a kick to the face in the corner. Bayley hops to the top rope. Armpit to Mickie James! Pin for 1..2 …. .ROPE BREAK !!! Bayley hangs Mickie up in the corner. Kick. Bayley sharpens the horse tail. Goes to Bayley to stomach. Mickie holds her hair. Bayley sends her into the corner. Mickie with an elbow. She jumps up with her legs, Bayley dumps her on the apron.

Mickie cuts his leg. Bayley eats the ropes. MickieDDT in the middle of the ring. Pin for 1..2 … ..3 !!!

Mickie James vs. Ember Moon

Mickie James immediately meets Ember Moon with a big drop kick and stops Ember's round in the ring. Mickie with one stroke in the middle of the ring. Embers fight back with a kick. Whip on the rope. Embers turn the arm and pull themselves. Ben sopa to Mickie. Ember goes for drop kicks, but Mickie sidosteg and Ember drops. Pin for 1 .. 2NOO !! Embers with a kick. Crossbody of the lines for 1,2 … no !!!! Mickie rolls on the outside and requires some time out. Ember hits the ropes. She slides out, Mickie climbs in again. Ember on the apron. Kick from Mickie She locks her head and goes to DDT but Ember Shoves. Mickie slides under her looking for a power bomb. Ember is on. She slaps Mickie's man. Mickie cuts his foot, and Ember eats the apron first.

Back from a break, and Mickie hits a hard right hand. Ember burns back with one of the same. She blocks one, and misses a hit, Mickie misses a kick, Ember kicks the middle part since an eniguri. Protection for 1..2..NO !!! Mickie uses the ropes to get up the corner. Ember goes for a splash but Mickie moves. Mickie rolls up for 1..2.NO !!! Mickie tries to use the rope just in front of the ref. Stupid. Anyway, Mickie with a flapjack and a chicken up. Embers are posted. Mickie leads to the top rope. Ember is super long. Mickie points in the air.

Mickie flies, Ember with a sloppy knee to his face when Mickie flies down. Ember up top. Eclipse. Protection for 1..2 … 3 !!!

Natalya vs Ember Moon
Ember rolls up Nattie as soon as she walks in, but Nat kicks out and goes to Sharshooter. Ember kicks her away. Discus battle is tried but missed. Ember drops Nattie. Pin for 1..2..NO !!! Restrained from Ember, but Nattie gets her on her shoulders. Whip to the corner is reversed. Ember kicking out of the corner. She is on the 2nd rope. She locks her head and goes for a suplex outside the corner. Meet it. Pinfor 1..2 … no !!! Ember Chops Natalya then goes to the top rope. Ember flies, landing on the feet. Natalya with a big clothesline! Pin for 1..2..NO !!!! Nattie with a stacked pin! 1..2 … 0,3 !!!
Mickie flies, Ember with a sloppy knee to his face when Mickie flies down. Ember up top. Eclipse. Protection for 1..2 … 3 !!!

Natalya vs Ruby Riot

We're back, and Ruby has a chinlock on Nattie from behind. Ben scissors from Ruby, Nattie turns to the side and attacks the intestines. Ruby locks his head and holds his leg on the scissors. Nattie stands up and can rub Ruby down hard. Double upholstery in the middle of the ring! Ruby with a kick to Nattie! She turns Nattie's face into the carpet. She sends Nattie to the corner. Natalya turns. Ruby kicks her in the corner. Another kick. Nattie rolls her up from nowhere for 1..2.no11 Clothesline from Ruby. 1..2 … ..NO !!! Ruby with a cravat from the side. Nattie pulls her out of the stop. Ruby gets a hard blow on his face and covers for 1..2..NO !!! Ruby beats Nattie. Natalya strikes hard hard. Rollup from Ruby for !! Ruby with a kick. Natlya is up, she lifts Ruby. Ruby gets stacked for 1..2..NO !!! Nattie to the carpet. Nattie with a clothesline. Again. A kick to the intestine. She grabs her head and attacks her back. Suplex to Nattie. Other! She hits Ruby hard. Whip to the corner, Nattie goes for the spinning clothesline again, but Ruby with a surprise STO! Ruby draws Nattie to the corner. Ruby goes to late late but Nattie moves. Nattie with a rollup! 1 …… 0,2 … 3 !!!!

Mickie flies, Ember with a sloppy knee to his face when Mickie flies down. Ember up top. Eclipse. Protection for 1..2 … 3 !!!

Natalya vs Ruby Riot

Sasha runs down the ramp, hoping for the apron, and Nattie knocks her right off. Sasha goes into the ring and pin for 1..2..NO !! Nattie drives her into the corner. She hits some shoulders in the corner. One third is missed like Sasha hops on the apron and hits a right hand. She's on top rope, flies out, lands on her feet, Nattie rolls her up for 1..2..NO !!!! Sasha Runs, Climbing Nattie, DDT !!! Pin for 1 … 2 … ..NO !!!!

Back from a break, and Sasha kicks natalya away. She rolls Nattie up and gets 1..2..NO !!! Backslide of Banks for 1..2..NO !!! Kick to the chest, but Nattie with the spinning laundry! Pin for 1..2 … NO !!! Nattie looks for the sniper, draws Sasha in the middle of the ring and then locks it in !!!! Sasha draws on the ropes. She almost gets it, but Nattie goes back to the middle of the ring. Banks are stressed. She crawls again. Sasha pushes forward, Nattie rolls straight into the flywheel !!! Sasha trick Nattie in a half crab !!! We are in the middle of the ring. Nattie migh tap! Sasha works in the way. Nattie comes close to the ropes, but Sasha gets Bank State-Noo !! Crucifixion !!! 1 … 0,2 … NO !!! BANK INFORMATION !!!!! Nattie does not drop! Sasha will not let go! Nattie comes closer. Closer! They roll through, and Nattie gets Sasaha on her shoulders. Sasha falls off. Nattie catches her. GERMANY SUPLEX !!! SASHA IS DED !!! Nattie rushes on the corner. Sasha gets his leg up and kicks Nattie in his shoulder .Elbow to Nattie. Knee of the best rope on Nattie !!! 1 … 2 …… NO !!!! Sasha goes to backstabs but Nattie keeps the rope. The banks go for bank statement but Nattie esscapes. The banks go for building DDT but Nattie is counting this time and releases her head.
Sharp-shooter!!! Nattie locks it in. In the middle of the ring. Sasha Cranes !!!

Winner: Natalya
Nattie may have just won me fucked over ….
Match Quality: ****
Personal enjoyment: *****
Overall Rating: ****

Ronda Rousey comes down to the ring that Nattie celebrates. Nattie jumps off the corner and Ronda holds his hand in the air. They starve each other. Nattie stares at the title. Ronda extends his hand to shake. Nattie shakes it. They hugs. Nattie celebrates. Ronda stands aside.

End Show.

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