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& # 39; Big Brother & # 39; 21 Producer tips Other players in the house may have a secret past

Great Brother the fans shocked during the premiere for season 21 last week to learn that two of the new houseguests did not meet for the first time, because Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy tried to hide their secret past from the other players. And it seems that other BB21 house editions can also play their connections for now, the executive producer Allison Grodner told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview.

When asked if Christie sat in the house together with her former girlfriend's nephew with purpose, Grodner replied: "We liked what both Tommy and Christie brought to the performance as individuals. We knew that they had a past together and decided to see how it would play out in the house. "

But she plagued the Camp BB theme for the season: "Just like in the summer camps, there may be others who know each other"

With something happening underneath the house, besides the battle director and Whacktiviy turns, this season is already at a crazy start, with Grodner adding: "As Julie teases, something will happen that has never happened on Big Brother before. Everyone will find out what is on Wednesday. Get ready! "

Camp Director twist, who pit houseguests volunteered for a nomination against each other for an unknown power, really started things with a twist. While most houseguests didn't want to get out there, Jackson Michie, Cliff Hogg, Jessica Milagros and David Alexander jumped on the chance. In the end, Jackson managed to win the power, just to learn that he was responsible for providing four houseguests just off the flag.

"I think different strategies work for different people," Grodner said of the first dispute. "Cliff and Jackson looked like targets just outside the bat and took a gig to get security during the first week. Being banished and fighting back has been Cliff to houseguests. Being in a leadership role may have given Jackson security, but it has also went to Jackson's head, so we'll see what it means for his game along the line. Volunteering for Camp Director was probably not the best strategy for Jessica and David because it made them look like strong players and thus a threat.

Big Brother next flight Sunday June 30 at 8 ET at CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS / Monty Brinton

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