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When Johnny Velinov scored a goal for CSKA and Georgi Iliev kissed his shoe


An autobiographical book by the legendary Bulgarian goalkeeper Georgi Velinov will soon be published. It is entitled “My Story” and was written by the longtime sports journalist Nikolai Alexandrov.

The book, which collected the story of a famous goalkeeper of 328 pages, was to be released on December 10 at a price of 18 BGN. In addition to football, “My Story” tells of Johnny’s unusual life, unfortunately, accompanied by many obstacles in life.

Five days in a row TOPSPORT presents parts of the work. Today is the turn of the second excerpt.

On the evening of December 2, 1981, in the sports program for the first program, at the end of “Around the World and in Bulgaria”, two short reports from football matches were quickly broadcast. phase of the Soviet Army Cup tournament against “Chepinets” (Velingrad) showed only a few of the nine goals scored by the army. Anything interesting in a match that ended 9: 1? It is a pity that in the short black and white shots there are 30 seconds, there is not a single unique goal. So no one except the few thousand present in the “People’s Army” ever sees the goal for CSKA goalkeeper Georgi Velinov.

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“I do not remember exactly what goal it was. I think it’s four to zero, something like that … The ball is at my feet, I walk a few steps outside the penalty area, I see – um, no one meets me. Give it to me! “” Yes, yes, there is no way I can give it to you “- I answer him. strong jerk – the ball flew all over the field, I see my colleague run back to his door, but she slammed in front of him, jumped over him and jumped – go to the net! Goal! Uniquely! Gosho Iliev starts kissing my left shoe, but a little on We made a joke later. A few months later, someone told me somewhere that this case was in the Guinness Book of Records. Only Pantelic and I had scored such a goal. But I do not know, neither I nor the Guinness Book. nor have I seen anything. This goal remained a curiosity, fans told legends about it. not from a penalty or a foul, not at the end of the matches, when losing teams often call on their goalkeepers to help in the opponent’s penalty area, so by scoring this goal I finally felt that this is my year. “

A few days later, the ceremony for football players of 1 in Bulgaria. Far from the subsequent brilliance that accompanied these ceremonies during the golden generation of the first half of the 1990s. In 1981, the “celebration”, which continued after the significant award at a friendly banquet, was held in the cult restaurant above Sector B of the “Vasil Levski” station – “Pri bai Gosho”. The site is located next to the editorial office of the magazine Start, which was then the initiator of the survey. For several years, it has been about a center of football society – under Bai Gosho, players, coaches, activists, journalists and supporters gather to eat and drink. Everything passes completely in a friendly atmosphere.

Georgi Velinov – goalkeeper for CSKA “Septemvriysko zname” became a football player in Bulgaria in 1981. Second in the ranking remains his teammate and friend Georgi Dimitrov – Jackie, third is Georgi Slavkov – then from “Trakia” (Plovdiv). The year of “Three Georgievtsi” is one of the best for Bulgarian club football in a long time. Another thing is impressive – for the first time in ten years, the winner of № 1 becomes a player of CSKA! In fact, oddly enough, in the last decade, given that half the time – five titles are for the Reds, there is no worthy representative of them for first place. Three other places in the vote – for Bozhil Kolev, one – for Tsonyo Vassilev – really strange, given that the army is hegemon during this period. Well, at least for the next few years, really in the next decade, inevitably because of the crazy European successes, things are somewhat balanced. “

The sad moments in the life of the great CSKA goalkeeper Johnny Velinov

The sad moments in the life of the great CSKA goalkeeper Johnny Velinov

His autobiography will be on the market soon

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