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"Toplofikatsia Sofia" starts an intensified start of heating in the capital


November 7, 2018 | 07:39 | FOCUS News Agency


Photo: Toplofikacia Sofia EAD.

Sofia. "Toplofikatsia Sofia" today starts the facade of heating in the capital after the normative meteorological conditions are already in place. According to them, the new heating season begins on three consecutive days with a daily average temperature of less than +12 degrees and a forecast for long-term cooling. This was reported by the press center for now. Priority will be given to heating in day care centers, education and health facilities. Below are residential buildings in all areas, administrative and commercial buildings.
Of particular importance before the steam is started is that customers complete all repairs on the internal heating network and fill the cleaned installations. In buildings where this condition is not met, there will be no technical possibility for the steam to be released. It is also necessary to open the radiator valves to the maximum extent so that no further venting is required. It is also important that electronic distribution devices are checked. In the event of their display quitting, subscribers must immediately seek help from their heaters.
"Toplofikacia Sofia" EAD allows customers who wish to include heating in the building at a later stage to submit an application in the service district together with a resolution by the AGM, signed for this purpose.
For further information about the start of the heating season and possible questions, citizens can request assistance on the telephone line customer service – 0 700 11 111.

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