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They create a new human appearance – Trud


We look with wide eyes closed

The spirit came out of the bottle – the genetically modified people are among us. Two girls, who appeared a few weeks ago in Shenzhen, China, are the first human genes born with an edited by, according to Chinese scientist He Zhangwei, who led the scientific experiment. The twins are children of a Chinese family where a parent is a recipient of HIV. They are perceived by an in vitro procedure and are programmed to be resistant to the AIDS virus. The attempt to replace the two mirror genes responsible for the immune response succeeded in one of the children. In the latter there is a mixture that does not give him resistance. This first human experiment is possible thanks to CRISPR / CAS9 Genetic Edge Technology.

Genetic engineering is not something new humanity has for 40 years perfected its tools for intervention in the genome. The major breakthrough in editing human DNA is provided with CRISPR – a technique borrowed from a natural defense mechanism for bacteria and arches. The discovery of bioengineers Jennifer Dudna and Emmanuel Sherpatie from 2012 enables replacement of genes in a relatively simple and inexpensive manner. Using the CAS9 protein, a scissor cleaves the DNA to an accurately indicated RNA nucleotide site.

This new method can be a victory over oncological and indigenous diseases, leading to the creation of universal vaccines, giving enormous benefits to human health and longevity. But it may be the key to another social order based on genetic inequalities (or equations). This may be the first step in creating a new race that shares humanity in two. It depends on us where to set the limit. The future of humanity lies in the laboratories of China and the United States. And Europe, the fountain of human knowledge, is about the past.

From Deutsche Welle (with abbreviations)

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