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The number of patients with acute respiratory disease in the area increased by 7 times within one week

November 11, 2018 | 12:07 | FOCUS News Agency

Photo: Information Agency

Warning: 7 times the number of patients with acute respiratory diseases in the region increased within one weekPhoto: FOCUS Information Agency

Warn. The number of patients with acute respiratory disease in the area this week has increased 7 times compared with the previous one. This was announced FOCUS Radio – Varna by the Regional Health Inspection (RHI). During the period 2-28 November, 198 persons diagnosed with acute respiratory diseases in the city and epidemiologists reported 26 cases from the previous week. Most are affected by colds and viral infections in the age group 5 to 14 years, followed by small children up to 4 years. There are only four cases of 64 years and older. This week, two people confirmed the diagnosis of flu and 26 patients developed complications from influenza and acute respiratory disease. Four were treated with bronchitis and another 22 were pneumonia. Ten less than last week are affected by airborne infections. According to data, 27 people have varicella, viral meningitis and scarlet fever. 19 cases of intestinal infections were recorded on 24 of the previous week, with intestinal infections presenting 13 enterocolitics, 2 hepatitis, 1 rotavirus enteritis and 3 cholinectinitis. With a quick notification at RIS – Varna, 1 person was the bit of a field.

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