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The head of the Technical University of Warsaw was arrested in plagiarism (OBZOR)


November 9, 2018 | 20:57 | FOCUS News Agency

Photo: Information Agency

The head of the Technical University of Warsaw was arrested in plagiarism (OBZOR)Photo: FOCUS Information Agency

Sofia. Rector at the Technical University of Warsaw Professor Rossen Vassilev has plagued in the preparation of his scientific statements. This announced the newly formed academic ethics commission to the Minister for Education and Science. This is the Commission's first decision, and Professor Vassilev loses the degree of doctor's doctor as he has. In about a week he will lose his academic position as a "professor". Prof. Rossen Vassilev's report on plagiarism is already a year ago, but only with the changes in the Academic Staff Act was created the five-page academic ethics commission, according to which he has transcribed a piece of data and tables in a 2009 book with authors from the University of Belfast , Ireland. According to the commission, the professor has transcribed the doctoral paper. The signal for this was left by colleagues to the professor and not by doctoral students, according to which it is not plagiarism but collective work.
Education Minister Krassimir Valchev said that Rector at the Technical University of Varna will be released and a new official will be appointed in his place. He explained that a teacher's career decision is also subject to judicial review and the principal may appeal and prove to the court that he has not plagued. "But he could not prove that to the committee, which consists of specialists and authoritative researchers. They have said plagiarism. I trust in their skills," said Minister Valchev.
He pointed out that the Academic Ethics Commission is currently working on three similar signals, but they are not at such high level. "The Commission is permanently active, it will work and I can assure you that it will respond to every signal," said the minister.
According to him, there is a problem of plagiarism in all countries, not only in Bulgaria. "Last year, it is said that this is a problem as it destroys academic ethics and academic values," stated Vulchev. He explained that not all issues of plagiarism pass through the newly formed academic ethics commission, as some are considered at university level. We are currently working with a similar plagiarism case at the Higher Military School in Veliko Tarnovo, not the principal, but the minister refused to provide any preliminary details.
The Technical University of Varna gave an opinion on the case, indicating that a massive campaign to accuse prof. Rossen Vassilev was carried out and the legal system in the election of the Commission was violated.

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