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The colossal sadness, struck by … itself

The ambush was thin. Like a thin red line. But that was obvious. Like the sun in the sky. CSKA was defeated by Lauta. Like lightning

But when men in black become a permanent excuse, and for the fourth year, buying and titles are a mirage, no matter how naive you are, you begin to ask yourself, "Are only the others guilty?"

Stop it! CSKA looks like a two man who can't learn his lesson and accuses Marika of preventing him from becoming an excellent player.

CSKA is like a cover for coaching beginners who, before waking up, ask "above" if they can brush their teeth and eat snacks.

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CSKA will have it when there is a strong personality to train. Not resting on old warehouses.

CSKA will have it when the coach's words are law and when between him and Grisha Ganchev there will only be one person – sports director, not different Italians and other people for whom no one knows why they are in the army and why they receive pay.

CSKA will have it when they finally look at Borisov's garden and realize that although it was normal for 123 kilometers northeast of Sofia to win two consecutive titles once every ten years, this should be in the museum every year. Or at least a year.

Otherwise, the colossal sadness of the colossus will not end, and the gramophone will continue to play us the old, but furious, song of slavery for a judge who has starved CSKA. The problem is that it listens to every day by fewer and fewer people …

The ambush was really thin. Like a thin red line. But CSKA goes further. Not in the ambush, but in the thin red line. And CSKA is really surprised. But rather than … myself.
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