Tuesday , April 20 2021

PSG did not scare Monaco, Cavanated with a hat trick

Essonne Cavani played a hat trick and Paris Saint-Germain awaited Monaco 4-0 as a guest to record 13th consecutive success in the French league and to be a convincing leader with 39 points, 13 with Lille.

Neimar made another shot after Killian Babe fouled, and Thierry Henry's men once again disappointed his achievement. Their loss may be even greater because 2 goals of the Parisians were interrupted with VAR.

The non-winners series of the new coach reached 6 games, with Monegasque second in the league with only 7 points in their assets.

In the 5th minute Cavani opened, and in the 11th doubles, the hosts claimed hesitation, but the hits were recognized after a review of the situation.

The hosts had some situations that they lacked, but the difference in class was great. Cavani formed his hat trick after the break, and Neimar scored goals for the success.

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