Saturday , August 13 2022

New 2.3 million people have become millionaires in dollars for the past year


For just one year, the number of millionaires has increased by 2.3 million people, a total of 42.2 million people worldwide. This is stated in the latest published Global Wealth Report by Credit Suisse, published a few days ago. The report is produced annually by the experts in the financial conglomerate and handles official information from around the world.

The United States has the largest share of rising wealthy people. For the past year (July 2017 – July 2018), the wealth of wealthy Americans has increased by $ 6.3 billion and is now $ 98 billion. The number of people with a million dollars and more has increased by 878,000 for the same period and is now 17.4 million.

The report also says that the number of millionaires in the most developed European countries – France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy – has increased by almost as many people – by 200,000. In China there are 186,000 million new and in Japan -94,000.

There are also countries where the number of richest people is reduced, mainly due to economic difficulties and the national currency loss, as opposed to major world currencies. This is Turkey and Brazil last year.

Experts predict that human resources in the world over the next five years will increase by approximately 26%. And if they are currently estimated at $ 317 billion, in 2023, they will be $ 399 billion.

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