Wednesday , October 5 2022

Following the great news in science: Is it moral to genetically modify our children?


Chinese scientist Han Jianguy announced the creation of the world's first genetically modified child. The technology behind this, CRISPR reader, has already had numerous successes with DNA modification of plants and animals, but has not been used in humans so far.

Jiangkou has applied the technology to create a child immune to the HIV virus. Many researchers theorize that in practice much of the disease can be eliminated through genetic modification. Others say that technology can be used to create smarter and more capable super humanity.

Scientists have also criticized the unpredictable circumstances that may arise as a result of genetic engineering on humans – what would happen if a dictator set up an army of devoted superiors or over time unwanted defects in generation DNA by persons with modified by.

The significance of the achievement of the Chinese scientist is so great that it really affects all humanity. In addition to science, the issue has its moral side. Therefore, asks its many readers.

Is it moral to genetically modify our children?

Yes, because it will improve their personal qualities

Yes, we will prevent many diseases

No, because unexpected consequences can occur over time

No, we do not have to go against nature

I can not judge

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