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Countries where mobile internet is faster than WiFi connection ::


Today's chart: Countries where mobile internet is faster than WiFi connection

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It's logical to assume that good WiFi internet connection points will surpass modern mobile phones, but it's not necessarily true. In some countries, WiFi can be a problem, Engadget sends.

OpenSignal has conducted a new survey that mobile data is faster than WiFi rates in a total of 33 countries, including several in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

In some places, the differences are really good. Typically, the cable is around 10 Mbps and more in places like Australia, Oman and the Czech Republic, and significantly greater velocity differences are seen in countries such as Austria, Iran and South Africa.

There are many countries where mobile and WiFi connections are very competitive. And it is not surprising that WiFi has a clear advantage in those countries where home internet is relatively fast, as in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and the United States. LTE, however, provides better content downloads in some places – in Lebanon, it's 25 Mbps faster than WiFi.

The results lead OpenSignal to the conclusion that users and device manufacturers need to think about the idea that WiFi is usually better. Although this was true during the young years smartphones, the LTE era is no longer fully applicable, and WiFi already has its own problems, such as overloaded networks.

All this happens before you enter the 5G era, which will cause much higher speeds.

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