Tuesday , October 19 2021

A whirlwind of scandals and departures led by BDZ


The management of BDZ Holding of Abuse Scandals has resigned at the request of the Minister of Transport Rossen Zhelyazkov. The news is the first news portal offnews.bg, where material from the kitchen on state railways often comes out. After hours of no official response from the Ministry of Transport, Minister Zhelyazkov demanded a press conference before the end of the working day.

So far, the board of three members – Chairman Velik Zanchev, CEO Vladimir Vladimirov and CFO Philip Alexiev remain unclear. It is the Ministry of Transport's choice to accept the entire leadership's departure, or just a part of it, say familiar.

Report to SANS behind the minister

The formal reason for the requested redundancies is a report to the National Authority of National Security (SANS) by President Vladimir Vladimirov, submitted to the Ministry of Transport.

The unofficial motive was public procurement of new trains (BGN 675 million) and locomotive repair (about 200 million lives). Almost all public contracts are appealed for various reasons, mainly because of discriminatory conditions. The auction for the new trains was even stopped by the CPC, following complaints from Siemens, Škoda and the Chinese company CRRC.

The former transport minister Ivaylo Moskovski was contacted by companies in the industry for reconciled auctions for locomotives and wagons. He ordered a check on the ministry's internal audit, but so far, she has no official information about what she has shown.

At the same time, the state poured about 170 million BGN this year in the bottomless pit BDZ. The funds went to repay the obligations to the creditors for the second bond loan and the German financial institution KfW. The effect is that the debt on the railways has melted to 374 million lives at the end of September 2018, according to the financial statements of Holding BDZ. However, state railways continue to accumulate losses, mainly due to the inefficiency of freight transport and declining passengers, as explained by the demographic disaster.

BSP regularly attacks BDZ for the drainage of the railways – bad repairs of locomotives, order orders, etc. The prosecutor's office decided to check what happened in one of the holding companies at the beginning of the year following a broadcast report. Since then, there is no information about what investigators have identified.

At its inauguration in September, the new transport minister Rossen Zhelyazkov announced two priorities – the railways and concession for Sofia airport.

"I can not say if I'm happy with the BDZ boss because I have not yet talked to him, but I will meet and talk with the management team. I will not talk about staff changes now." In 2009, BDZ had 900 million "We're going to working for modernization, "said Zhelyazkov. On questions about suspected auctions, he responded that he should wait for the decisions of the competent authorities for them – the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Court. Currently, Zhelyazkov is silent, and his public appearances are kept to a minimum.

Backgammon game

Mediapool sources reported that Zhelyazkov had held the promised meeting with the leadership of BDZ. The managers explained that everything in the facility is good – there are no problems with the train timetables, the locomotives and the wagons are in good condition for the coming winter season and so on. Their work has been hampered by unwavering appeals to public procurement.

Shortly after the meeting, the CEO of Holding BDZ Vladimir Vladimirov sent a report to SANS for abuse in state railways.

Vladimirov claims that he has sent one and his boss – Transport Minister Rossen Zhelezakov. The agency says, however, that it has not been received.

In addition, the next day, the signal will be sent to SANS Vladimirov on vacation and can not be found, says Mediapool sources. According to them, it was this evil Jeliazkov and he demanded leadership departures.

This happened at a board meeting held Wednesday. Zhelyazkov's request was reduced to the management of the holding through his deputy Velik Zanchev. He is also Deputy Transport Minister and Chairman of the Board of Holding BDZ.

According to offnews.bg, the three signed signatures on their requests to leave, but since the board meeting ended late Wednesday, they failed to deposit them at the Ministry of Transport Register. That's why it was done on Thursday.

Expect details

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