Wednesday , September 28 2022

A Kim Kardashian fan poured his ass and took his necrosis! (PHOTOS 18+) – BLISTERS


A fan of the American secular lion Kim Kardashian and plastic surgery did an operation to raise his buttocks and cause his necrosis. Despite the nightmare, the young man thinks that he will soon fall under the knife, reports Daily Mail.

Jordan Park of Dudley, Great Britain, underwent a tightening and reinforcement surgery at a clinic in Istanbul for which he paid £ 8.5k. After that, the 27-year-old British was treated for two months after the necrosis he developed after the intervention.

"A hole filled with a pus appeared on my right cheek. The implant was visible through it. The pain was completely unacceptable, we had to take antibiotics," he says.

When he came to himself, he went to another Turkish city, Izmir, where he paid an additional 5,000 pounds to increase the back of fat sucked out of the abdomen.

"I could die because the necrosis threatened my life, but it did not stop me from doing another operation," said Jordan.

He explains that he has decided to do the overseas operation, which on the island has plastic surgeons refused such a dramatic increase in his ass. And for the clinic in Istanbul there were many good reviews.

Over the past eight years, Park has undergone over 80 plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures similar to his poetry.

The beauty treatments cost him over 130,000 pounds. Now he thinks he should do such a joke as to make Kim Kardashian envy. No matter how many more procedures you will need to handle.

Translation: BLISTER

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