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With the approval of Tiago Nunes, Corinthians will send "barca" to 2020 which already has four names

Although there are still five games left before the end of Brasileirão, and consequently until the end of the season, the Corinthians have already started planning for 2020. And one of the first features for coach Tiago Nunes, who has not taken office, but is already working behind the scenes is to define the players who will remain in the program list for next season.

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And according to the portal UOL Sport, with the approval of the new coach, the club from São Paulo would already have as "safe" the departure of four players who are in the current squad, still led by Dyego Coelho. The first of them, the steering wheel Mantuan.

Lent at Ponte Preta at the beginning of the season, the 22-year-old has returned to São Jorge Park and has already been used in some workouts. However, the Corinthians are lending a new loan, this time to the West, where it will compete for Pasulistan and Brasileirão Serie B. With his contract expiring at the end of 2020, the player should not return to Alvinegro.

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Then comes the defender Manoel, the holder of the Corinthian defender. Borrowed by Cruzeiro until the end of the season, the player will not be permanently employed by Timão, because the value of his passport is considered high.

Finally, the duo Fabrício Oya and João Victor, both from the Corinthian base. The first one was loaned to São Bento, but it has already returned and must be credited again. Already the other will have the same fate, because the board's intention is that the defender gets experience.

While no departure is officially confirmed by the team's board, the Corinthians will return to the field next Sunday (November 24), when they meet Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro, for the 34th round in Brazil.

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