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With Messi penalty kick, Argentina draws with Uruguay 2-2 – 18/11/2019


Argentina went 2-2 with Uruguay in a friendly today at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv. With Cavani's goal, Celeste appeared on the scoreboard, led the equalizer with Aguero's goal, recovered the score with Suárez in the second half and saw Messi pull at the last minute.

The match was lively and balanced, where both teams pressed well and used counter-attacks.

Uruguay, coming off a 2-1 victory over Hungary on Friday, again saw Cavani and Suárez as the main characters – the former opening the point in the previous friendship while the latter helped the second goal.

Already Argentina, who beat Brazil 1-0 the same day with Messi's goal, had the Barcelona player again in the limelight: it was his free-kick that resulted in Aguero's goal and even the goal that leveled the shooter. .

Cavani and Suárez celebrate Uruguay goal in friendship in Tel Aviv - EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP

Cavani and Suarez celebrate Uruguay goals in friendship in Tel Aviv


In the 12th minute Argentina's first chance came: Acuña gave Dybala a good pass, but the ball went outside but the ball went just outside.

Celeste opened the score after 33 minutes. Torreira, who arrived from the left, threw the ball back towards Suárez; The striker first crossed against Cavani, who noted the first in the match. That was the goal of number 50 in the player with Uruguay's jersey.

Argentina still had a chance to pull before the end of the first round, with Dybala getting the ball into the penalty area and sending it to the bottom of the goal. But the ball went into the arm and with the new FIFA rules, although involuntary, the touch annulled the goal.

Argentine reaction

Aguero and Messi were the players who secured a draw for Argentina - AMMAR AWAD / AFP

Aguero and Messi were the players who secured a draw for Argentina


The second half began with a more offensive Argentina and Uruguay that adapted to Cavani's departure to Diego Laxalt. And it was after 17 minutes that a free kick from Messi led the Argentines to compare the score: shirt 10 sent the ball into the area and Aguero went up and secured everyone's goal.

On 23 minutes, another goal resulted from a free kick, this time from Uruguay. Suárez loaded and sent the ball over the wall. Goalkeeper Esteban Andrada still touched the ball, but not enough to avoid the goal.

Already in 45 minutes Messi received the penalty

Today's game has been almost canceled due to conflicts in the Gaza Strip, which has intensified in recent weeks. With a ceasefire on Thursday, the Israeli government guaranteed the security of the friendly. Uruguay only confirmed their participation within two days of the match.

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