Tuesday , July 27 2021

Who left Fazenda 10: Luane Dias is the eighth eliminated

Luane Dias only received 28.30% of the votes and was the eighth eliminated by "A Fazenda 10". The result of the show was shown at the exhibition on Thursday (15). With 71.70% of the votes, Catia Paganote won the general preference and continues in the contest for the prize of R $ 1.5 million.

Just before he announced the result, Marcos Mion asked the partners to defend the duration of the game. "I wanted to stay, because it's a unique experience for me, there are many people here different than me, it's challenging, I want to stay, my goal is the final price, I fight a lot for my truth, I'm right, I'm getting transparent until the end, "Luane claimed.

Despite elimination, Luane seemed very calm and played with the presenter. Pope thanked her for participating in the show and said she did not regret anything in her childbirth.

Playback / RecordTV
Image: Reproduction / RecordTV


Caique Aguiar, Catia Paganote and Luane Dias formed the eighth farm "Fazenda 10". The trio was set to vote for the show on Monday (12).

Luane Dias was nominated by the farmer of the week Rafael Island, while Catia Paganote was the most voted by the house, with four nominations. Owner of the power of the blue flame, Sertanejo had the right to indicate the third roceiro and chose Caique Aguiar.

On Tuesday (13) Caique Aguiar won a contest and became the ninth farmer of the reality show. In addition to flying from the field, the personal trainer now has immunity and can indicate a direct farmer to Berlin next week.

Playback / RecordTV
Image: Reproduction / RecordTV

The test, with aim and agility, consisted of a road with obstacles crossed three times by each farmer. The ultimate goal was to release two batons to call the bell and win the match.

Luane Dias started the race, but was caught by Catia Paganote in the second stretch of the race. After a few minutes, Caique isolated himself in the lead and opened up a lot of advantage for the two competitors.

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