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Turra says that Felipão will not retire and cancel names in Palmeira's campaign


After leaving Brazil 2014 under one of the top players in Brazil's World Cup squad (7-1 for Germany in the semifinals), Luiz Felipe Scolari returned to national football in July to lead his redemption with Palmeiras, crowned with the Brazilian title last sunday, 10th story of Palestra Itália. But the one who thinks the coach is already thinking about retirement will be fooled.

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In an interview with the Portuguese newspaper The ballPaulo Turra, chief assistant for Felipão in Palmeiras, predicted that the final outcome of the football is not in the plans for the gaucho in 70 years. The ex-defender and right man in the 2002 World Champions also said that Brazil's matched championship gave Scolari extra "gas" that could handle criticism for getting around.

"I do not think he's heading for retirement, even because Brasileira's title gave him an extra gas. He's a super professional, he's always looking for everything, he wants everything to go through him. The day you decide you to end it will end, and it will be natural. It has not been programmed, says Turra.

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"The teacher is very calm. He is 70 years old, but always wants to learn more, he is always curious. Even by the victorious summary, for the person who is, Felipão is a professional very good solution in this respect. The Brazilian culture is always about blaming someone, and they blamed everyone on him (with 7-1 in World Cup 2014). But he also used it as learning. "

Considered one of the main challengers of Palmeira's title in the field, Dudu was also the subject of the interview that Turra gave. The seven shirt was highly acclaimed by the assistant, who emphasized the commitment, technology and quality "outstanding" of the striker, one of the highest rated to leave Italy's lecture at the end of the season.

"During these four months you've been with us Dudu has proven to be very common. A lot of the series. He and some others also, given the reality of Brazilian football, says Turra, who also commented on Deyverson's fall throughout the season.

"Deyverson is a very good child, who has no form of evil. It is as he himself said, sometimes the loose tile of the head. The problem, in quotation, is to handle mediocre players. Now qualifying players handle and Deyverson is our goleador with nine goals, it's much easier. I remember that when we got to the club many fans did not want to see it or painted gold. Fortunately, it has evolved. "

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