Friday , August 12 2022

The Senate approves the bill to restructure STF wages


BRASÍLIA – (Last updated at 19:19) According to the promise that the President of the Federal Court, Dias Toffolli, will act to extinguish the housing subsidy of the judiciary as a means of compensating and not increasing the expenses of the judiciary, the Senate formulated and approved the salary adjustments of the Ministers of Justice, which in turn corresponded to the civilian ceiling.

There were 41 votes in favor and 16 for the question follows for the president's penalty and, once President Michel Temer has once chancelada, maturities will go from R $ 33 thousand to R $ 39.2 thousand.

The proposal was terminated in the Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE) since 2016, when it received the opposition from the rapporteur in this college, senator Ricardo Ferraço (PSDB-ES). "The proposal violates the Constitution because there is no provision in LDO and in the budget. In addition, the government has not provided any predictions about the effects in the next few years and there is a ban on the increase in the last 180 days of the government, said Ferraço." The Senate's Consultative Assessment Estimated the effects of the change for the Brazilian states of R6 billion.

Then there was also approved conversion in the same amount to the post as Attorney General (PGR). "Toffolli has allowed me to say, as well as prosecutor Raquel Dodge, that there will be no increase in agency expenses. It will be compensated at the end of housing assistance," said Senate President Eunice Oliveira (MDB-CE).

The conversion can lead to a cascade search for judges, prosecutors, prosecutors and parliamentarians across the country due to constitutional ties.

For the rapporteur in plenary, the governor was appointed Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE). He has made a change in the text so that there is no possibility of interpreting that retrofit is retroactive. "Given the loyalty of the promises, for years without adaptation, and the commitment to the end of housing assistance, our vote is favorable."

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