Sunday , October 2 2022

The outbreak of policemen at Agua Verde mobilizes PM


A civilian police in the outbreak mobilize police from the Special Operations Battalion (Bope), the Military Police (PM) and the Civil Police Police's Special Police Operations Center (Cope) in a residential area near Agua Verde in Curitiba, in the morning this Tuesday (27). The building is just around the corner from Brasílio Itiberé Street with Guilherme Pugsley – Quick Gate / Center. The man is in the apartment where he lives on the 13th floor, which is completely forbidden by the police.

The event blocked traffic in the area. In addition to Brasílio Itiberê, there was a blockade at the intersection of Avenida Água Verde with the Rapid Gate / Center and at the intersection of Avenida Água Verde and Bento Viana. But at 10:30, the police released traffic at the two crossings, the blockade only kept at Brasílio Itiberê. There is crowds in the whole area. Agents of Traffic Municipal Intentence of Traffic (Setran) guide the drivers on the spot.

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According to PM, around 7:10 the man started to hit the door of the other apartments violently with a fire extinguisher. At 8:50 the Bope blocked. Also in connection with the occurrence, Cope investigators are always called upon to appear with civilian police.

The apartment was not evacuated and residents in the other floors continued without their apartments. "In the morning, when I left my apartment, I crossed a police at the gate and searched for the people who left. When I returned, they said I could enter the building at my own risk. So I preferred to stay here, says a senior Marcelo Furlan, resident of housing law. "The situation is very tense and caused a lot of disruption throughout Agua Verde," concludes the retiree.

The Bope Negotiation Team, which specializes in risky incidents with hostages, as insurgencies in prisons and kidnappings, is trying to get the civilian police to abandon. According to residents, it is not the first time the police are in crisis, but it is the first time that happens in the building.

Police outbreak at Agua Verde

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