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The Brazilian company launches a new concept for healthy cafe in the US

The global food industry is evolving and moving towards a healthier and more sustainable future. The main reasons for this trend are increased health and well-being, consumers utilizing better nutritional information and easier access to organic and less calorie and fat-consuming products. The outlook is for the health and food industry to grow approximately $ 280 billion by 2022 worldwide, according to a report by Technavio, a market research firm.

And that awareness has also reached the United States. Known for its famous fast food and frozen food chains – and for having the world's most overweight population – the way Americans consume is changing. Research by NDP Group, an international market research firm, found that 77% of Americans have tried to change their eating habits and buy healthier ingredients.

According to data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the number of establishments selling healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains increased by 250% from 1995 to 2016 and the consumption of organic products increased on average by 30%. in recent years in the country.

With a view to this market trend, companies have invested in innovative projects to win over American consumers. This is the case with Cave Healthy Food, a café that has transformed a range of foods that are usually considered calorie or fat, into healthy products. In the store you can find cakes, muffins, breads, croissants and milkshakes made with natural ingredients, and the cafeteria also offers a vegan line.

"The cave follows the Paleo diet, a modern diet consisting of a diet based on wild plants, meat, fish and eggs that is usually consumed by Homo sapiens during the Paleolithic," explained Cave Healthy Food director Franco Alvarenga. . "We realized that the trend in the US food market was pointing to the healthy foods segment and decided to invest. The public has increasingly tried to eat better and strive for a healthier lifestyle," added the CEO.

To create the menu, the company spent more than two years studying to find the best flavor. "I have always been looking for ways to transform and write about classic recipes that give modern man benefits and good nutrition. I believe that our organism is developing, that humans are unconsciously developing and the first change I notice is in shape. The whole idea and ideology behind the cave is to get real delights in a very nourished paleolithic bakery with hot dishes, vegans, juices and coffee-based beverages that can help you lose weight. healthy food chef Marcelo Wassana.

Cave intends to transform its brand into a franchise network and rely on the various expertise of its five partners to enable this, including Marcelo Wassana's health food expert, Franco Alvarenga financial management expert and Fred Ferreira expansion specialist and formatting of franchises. "We are investing in this combination to have a differentiated product in a shell model," said Fred Ferreira.

The first store has just been implemented in Miami, Florida, but the company is already planning to open three more stores in the next two years in the United States.


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