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Sport meets Ceará, leaves the relegation zone and demolishes Paraná


The Brazilian championship met on Monday their first team moved to Serie B in 2019. Sport defeated Ceará 1-0 on the Estádio do Retiro island in Recife and eventually sent Parana to the second national division. By breaking, the Pernambuco team left the zone of the team after 10 rounds inside her.

With the result, Sport 32th in 16th place with 36 points, two before Vitória, was first in the lower space. In 15, Ceará has 37. The team from Ceará came from two consecutive victories – against Cruzeiro and Atlético-MG.

In the heat of their fans, the sport threatened a first hit and was close to opening the marker in 10 minutes. Michel Bastos left with Claudio Winck, who gave the letter to Gabriel. The defender kicked in from defending the goalkeeper Éverson. The answer came with Leandro Carvalho. He was right and risked, but stayed in Mailson.

Slowly, Ceará grew up in the competition, but it was excessive in the direct connections. In the end, however, he came to threaten the sport. Arthur was hurrying, holding the mark with his body and kicking hard, Mailson said. The attacking players made several runs as the ball was played and made it hard for the defenders to protect their goal. After a short tussle with the defender, Tiago Alves finally hit the ball at home.

Sports returned better for the second time and finally opened the score. In Mateus Gonçalve's cross, Hernane tried a finish, in the best Ibrahimovic style, half-heeled at the top and demanded a miracle from Éverson. However, the ball was left for Gabriel, who only had the job to push. The defense demanded an obstacle, which did not happen.

Ceará tried to level out shortly, but Arthur's shot went through the bottom. Then the production dropped and the sport saw even more game volume. In a nice opposition, Gabriel went straight to Éverson, but played through the bottom line. Hernane still tried to shoot the ball but did not catch it.

Coach Lisca gave Ceará more speed in the last minutes, but the team could not find the strength to search for. At the best time, Eder Luis played for Felipe Azevedo, who risked the entrance to the area. The ball diverges in Adryelson and goes outside.

In the next round, Ceará Internacional meets on Sunday, at 17.00 (Brasília), at Castelão Arena, in Fortaleza. On the same day, Sport Fluminense visits at 7 o'clock at the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro.



SPORT – mailson; Claudio Winck, Ernando, Adryelson and Raul Prata (Ronaldo); Marcão Silva, Jair, Michel Bastos, Gabriel (Fellipe Bastos) and Mateus Gonçalves; Hernane (Rogério). technical: Milton Mendes.

CEARÁ – Everson; Fabinho, Tiago Alves, Luiz Otávio and Felipe Jonatan; Juninho, Pedro Ken (Felipe Azevedo) and Ricardinho (Éder Luis); Calyson (Cardona), Arthur and Leandro Carvalho. technical: Lisca.

GOL – Gabriel, 7 minutes in the second half.

GOLDEN CARD – Ernando, Gabriel and Marcão Silva (Sport); Cardona, Pedro Ken and Leandro Carvalho (Ceará).

Reference – Anderson Daronco (FIFA / RS).

RESULTS AND PUBLIC – Not available.

LOCATED – Estádio do Ilha do Retiro in Recife (PE).

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