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Sony lana WI-C200 wireless headphones in Brazil with 9mm driver and low price

The Japanese company Sony has announced the official arrival to the Brazilian market for its latest Bluetooth headset, the WI-C200, which is entering the essential line of the brand with a focus on users who want value for money.

This headset can be an interesting alternative for those who want an accessory that offers a little more security in terms of physical activity, from the gym to street racing.

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Another aspect of this new headset is that its ear protectors are magnetic, which allows them to take the form of a necklace when not in use, and to reduce the risk of their wires tangling in backpacks and wallets.

As usual, the handset offers volume control and call management control and supports use in collaboration with personal assistants for smartphones such as Siri or Google Assistant.

Obviously, one point that also questions when buying (or evaluating the purchase) of a new Bluetooth headset is autonomy and in this regard, the brand promises that it will be able to support up to 15 hours of playback.

By closing the information round related to the handset, we confirm that it offers 9mm drivers with the promise of clear playback and support for Bluetooth 5.0, with a maximum connection distance of up to 10 meters.

Price and availability

Now available for purchase, the Sony WI-C200 can be purchased in black or white for $ 199.99 with the option of interest-free 12x installation in the virtual wallet Ame.

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