Friday , October 7 2022

"Question for the Temer," says Bolsonaro on the conversion of STF


Selected President Jair Bolsonaro wondered on Tuesday (27) on President Michel Temer's recent 16.31% conversion to ministers from the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

In an interview at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), the home town of the transitional board, Bolsonaro said:

Ask for Temer, ask Themes. The Temer who decided to sanction.

In anticipation of the journalists' insistence and questioning that it would be up to him as president to carry out the payment of the increase, as O Globo reported, the elected president replied:

Who will pay is the whole Brazilian population, all. My responsibility here starts January 1st next year.

Planning Minister, Esteves Colnago, also said on Tuesday (27) that the effect of the adjustment in the Union is only calculated at an additional cost between R $ 1.4 billion and R $ 1.6 billion, as reported by Renova Media.

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