Saturday , January 23 2021

Police arrest Carrefour employee involved in João Alberto’s death Rio Grande do Sul

According to police Vanessa Pitrez, head of the murder department, the police believe that the woman played a crucial role in the aggressions that João Beto suffered, as she would have command of the two security guards.

In recordings made at the time of the assault, Adriana seems to be filming the scene. A motoboy who registered the crime claims that he was threatened by her.

João, a 40-year-old black citizen, was beaten by two security guards on the 19th, ahead of Black Consciousness Day. The two security guards, Magno Braz Borges (30) and Giovane Gaspar da Silva (24), who is also interim prime minister, were arrested in the act on the night of the crime.

O G1 contacted Carrefour about Adriana arresting and had not received a response until the latest update of this report. The defense of the employee was not found.

João was murdered after a disagreement between the victim and an employee of the supermarket, located in the northern zone of the capital Rio Grande do Sul.

The victim reportedly said something and went out to the inspector, who called security. João Beto traded with his wife, Milena Borges.

The two security guards then led João to the parking lot. When he got close, João hit one of them. Then the aggressions began. João hit the ground, struck and one of the security guards got on his knees on his back. A preliminary analysis of the autopsy report points to suffocation as a probable cause of death.

An ambulance was called, but John was dead.

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