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PM denies arbitrariness in operation at Complexo da Mar da dawn


Photo: Fernando Fraz
Photo: Fernando Frazo / Agncia Brasil

The military police released a report on the operation commenced Tuesday (6) at dawn in Maravel's complex of Maravel and was also extended to German, resulting in five people being killed. Eight people involved in trafficking in human beings were injured in Favela Nova Holanda in Maré and three were injured in German.

The PM announced that, as it was an emergency aimed at guaranteeing the security and security of its residents, there was no mismatch with the judges and security secretariat secretariat setting rules for police activities in the Maré complex. Among these rules is the prohibition of compliance with search warrant and housing arrest at dawn, which was strictly followed, according to PM.

Earlier, PM spokeswoman Major Ivan Blaz said the police action was of an acute nature to include a rendezvous in New Holland society among margins from different parts of the state. The officer reported that one of the suspects killed in the confrontation was Campos dos Goytacazes, a municipality in northern Rio de Janeiro, about 280 km from the Maré complex.

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NGO tide development networks, operating in society, said that despite the statement by Major Ivan Blaz during the operation's legality, they did not respect the points established in Civil Civil Action (PCA), signed in July 2017. The ACP aims to reduce damage caused by the activities of the local population and sets certain rules to be followed, such as the fact that they can not be executed together with the execution of search options and seizures.

"Although the measure was characterized as urgent and urgent, ACP could not conduct house reports at night and a series of other human rights violations," NGOs said in a statement. % u200b

The death penalty is also mixed. The Maré network confirms the death of four people. Among them, physicist William Figueira de Oliveira, 36, who lived in Maré for 11 months. There are reports that the murder occurred at 5 o'clock in the morning. As a form of protest, residents took Williams body in a truck to Avenida Brasil, the center's main connection with the city's north and west zones.

In the action, however, according to the NGO: Marcos Paulo Fernandes Mota, who went with the dog when it shot. Tiago Ramos Pereira and a resident identified only as Zezé. So far, it has not been confirmed that the victims have links with criminal acts, according to NGOs.


The military police said the police operation began early this morning in Parque União and Nova Holanda communities, in the Maré complex of elite units in the company. The purpose was to intervene in a large collection of criminals from different societies, according to information gathered and confirmed by the PM intelligence service. At the death of physics professor William Figueira de Oliveira, PM responded that the victim was already accused of illegal possession of a restricted weapon of use.

The mood ended in the late afternoon and 800 kg of marijuana in tablets, an automatic rifle, an automatic gun, a grenade and nine vehicles, three cars and six motorcycles seized. Among the prisoners is Alex Sandro Alexandre dos Santos, commonly known as Ratinho, who is in charge of burglary in the community and has 8 criminal records and has already been sentenced by the Justice Department to 7 years in prison in a closed regime.

All public schools and health clinics in Parque União, New Holland, Rubens Vaz and Parque Maré communities were closed all day. Thousands of people were without class and without care.

Troops from the Special Balls Operations Battalion (Bope), Shock Battalion and Action Battalion with dogs were employed to work in Union Park and New Holland, communities were dominated by a faction that convened the meeting with the participation of local criminals and other municipalities in the state. 22nd battalion, installed in the Maré complex, surrounded the region, in support of occupation.

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