Saturday , January 23 2021

Palmeiras will have five to six changes to Paraná

Palmeiras will again have many modifications in their next match in the Brazilian championship. For the duel against Paraná Felipão already breaks the head to define how to build Verdão, which has already made this year's season with the largest number of games in the century.

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"I've done this. I've played that way." For the game Paraná there in Londrina we will change at least five or six players again. Now I have time not to play Wednesday, Sunday, Wednesday and Sunday. organize and take care of what we have to bring damages and cards because it is straight forward. If I can make this exchange, Felipão says.

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In relation to the starting team who won Fluminense, the main candidates are staying outside of Paraná Mayke, Luan, Gustavo Gomez, Diogo Barbosa, Thiago Santos and Borja. If the changes are confirmed, Jean (or Marcos Rocha), Edu Dracena, Antônio Carlos, Victor Luis, Felipe Melo and Deyverson will join the team.

Unscathed for 19 matches in Campeonato Brasileiro, Verdão has the best attack and best defense of the tournament. With 70 points achieved, made palestrina, five more than second place Internacional, Palestrina Parana meets this Sunday, at 17h (from Brasilia), at Estádio do Café in Londrina.

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"We have 12 points to play, five forwards. To be champion we must win at least eight of these 12 – two victories and two drawings. It is very difficult, but we will shorten that number so that we can breathe well in those latest matches. "

Credit: Marco Galvão / Fotoarena

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