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Moro defends the removal of ministers if complaints are consistent

In an interview with "Fantástico", the future minister of justice said he would not take a stand at "risk of compromising" his biography

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12 Nov 2018, 00h18 – Published November 12, 2018, 00h03

Operation Director Lava Jato and future Minister for Justice, Sergio Moro defended the removal of ministers investigated for corruption if allegations were consistent. "It has to be evaluated. I think it's a mistake that has previously been found that it is necessary to wait for a final decision. I think that in case of corruption, the evidence is analyzed and an impact assessment is done," Moro claimed in an interview with the program amazing, from TV Globo. "It is possible to initially analyze the robustness of the evidence and make an assessment of value. You do not have to wait for the courts to determine them."

Fun can help the elected president, Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) to make a decision to remove a minister who is accused of corruption, if necessary. "I would not assume the role of the Minister of Justice in the risk of compromising my biography, my background. This was the subject of discussion and the president's assertion is that no one would be protected if there were corruption cases," the judge said.

The judge also said that his role in the government will be technical and that he will not run to the presidency in 2022. "I will not be. I'm not a politician I'm lying for. Sorry. With all respect for politicians, but that good and bad politicians. There are bad politicians who lack the truth. I do not miss the truth, "he stressed. Regarding the prospect of taking a seat in the Supreme Court, the future minister said his name could be "considered" when a vacant service arises.


The referee denied that there is a conflict of interest between the activities that he will perform and that the judge of Operation Lava Jato, who investigates corruption violations against former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. PT was prevented from contesting the trial because of the conviction of the triplex of Guarujá (SP), convicted at first instance by Moro. "The issue of Lula no longer belongs to me but to the courts," he said.

"I took the decision of former president Lula in mid 2017 and I did not know the chosen president Jair Bolsonaro. I will consolidate the development of Lava Jet in Brasilia. In some cases, there was a very strong sense of the political system , which despite all cases of corruption did nothing. The elected president was identified as someone who would change the status quo, "he said.

Possession of weapons

On the question of possession of weapons, Moro said that the current rules are restrictive and that this "can not be a cause for concern" for people. In his view, what is at stake with the liberation of the population to keep guns at home does not mean "reduction or non-crime" but the fulfillment of a promise of the Bolsonaro campaign. "The elected president has a commitment to voters," he said.

Asked about the legality of the governors elected by Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel (PSC), who defended the "killing" of someone wearing a rifle, Moro said that "we must speak more carefully and Witzel) to know what is meant" . However, the opinion of the Lava Jato judge is that it does not seem reasonable for a police to wait for a criminal to shoot him with a gun or gun before taking any action. He also said he had doubts as to whether legislation would no longer guarantee the freedom to postpone alleged criminals in risky situations, but should consider a legal review if necessary.

The future minister of justice said he believes that it is not possible to "build a criminal policy based on confrontation of shots." And that the state must take tougher action against criminal organizations and that it can not commit a percent reduction in murder.

Reduction of crime and minorities

Regarding the reduction of the criminal majority, Moro confirmed that there is no closed position for the government. "It has to be discussed." Bolsonaro wants the age to be reviewed for 16 years, but the referee has resistance. "There is a need to protect young people, why the criminal age is 18. But I also think it is reasonable to say that even a teenager between 16 and 18 years already has the understanding that it is wrong to kill."

Moro also denied that Bolsonaro operates minorities, such as the gay population. "The person is heterosexual, gay, white, black, asian … this is absolutely indifferent. And nothing will change." I have big friends who are gay. Some of the best I know are gay, "said the judge.

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