Friday , June 25 2021

Lotofácil competition 1736 behind the awards of R $ 2,000,000.00 reais this Monday (12) – Lottery News

The players who want to compete for the price of R $ 2,000,000.00 in Lotofácil competition 1736 can place his bet to 19 hours.

Lotofaciel's fifth lottery of November month takes place on Monday, November 12, and promises million worth in the amount of R $ 2,000,000.00 reais to the players that match the result.

Competing games for the competition 1736 by Lotofácil ends at 19 hours (Brazil time) and can be done in any lottery house in the country, or even through the website of Caixa Loterias.

Lotofácil has become one of Brazil's favorite lotteries because it's actually easier to win a prize because this lottery has only 25 dozen by lottery and in each race 15 dozen of the 25 available numbers are deducted.

The highest prize is paid to the player or players, who Result of Lotofácil 1736, that is, the 15 dozen are deducted, but prices of lesser value are also paid to those who beat 14 numbers among those drawn.

In addition, there are fixed values ​​for the range of 13 hits in the amount of R $ 20.00 – 12 hits R $ 8.00 and 11 hits R $ 4.00.

Each lottery Lotofácil has many winners, of course the lowest price ranges, such as 11 and 12 hits, concentrating most of the winners, and it is normal for more than a million bettors to get 11 hits.

In addition to the increased chance of winning a Lotofácil 1736 Also allows bets well, the game with 15 tens of costing only $ 2.00. If you prefer it is possible to play 16 dozen at the price of $ 32.00 – 17 dozen $ 272.00 or the limit of 18 dozen at the price of $ 1,632.00.

Bets are allowed up to 19 hours (Brazil time) on the draw, your bet can be made face to face through thousands of lottery tickets in the country or even online through Caixa Loteria's website.

the the result of Lotofacil's 1736 competition can be followed directly on the Lottery News website. Our team follows the live raid, which takes place in the city of São Paulo (SP) to inform the numbers drawn first. We wish you all a good effort and good luck.

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