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Juan chooses his successor in Flamengo's defense: "Great tactical sense"

Idol to Flamengo fans, Juan retired in the first half of this year and left a gap in the hearts of the fans of the club. However, the good phase that came after his retirement with the new couple formed by Rodrigo Caio and Pablo Marí, can calm the fans who missed the defender. In an exclusive interview to, the former player even chose which of the two could be named as his successor in position.

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“Rodrigo we look a little bit. Because he's not a very tall player, which I wasn't. He is a tall player with a very high tactical feel. Players who like to play too. Just like Leo Duarte also had this profile. They look best, "said the former player.

In addition, Juan has positively evaluated the starting pair for the Red Black defender this season and recalls the contribution the two reserves have made to the role, he said and helped as they come in.

“They fit well. Rodrigo has had a fantastic season since the beginning of the year. It is a fantastic player, selection level. Demonstrated this in both Sao Paulo and Flamengo. He quickly understood what it is to play for Flamengo. Pablo came, had a whole structure that worked well. It continued. You can play your best football. It makes a very big contribution to the team, he said.

“We are very pleased with our defense system. All players give the message. When Thuler needs to play, he plays very well. Rhodolfo with his experience also always makes his contribution. I think when the team leaves collectively, the individual will always show up, he said.

Flemish and river plate contest the decision of the decision Handball Libertadores next Saturday (November 23) in Lima, Peru. the FOX Sport broadcasts the decision live and exclusively to the closed TV on its two channels, with pre-match from 3pm.

Read the entire interview with Juan below:

What do you think Paulinho can do to get more playing time and what are your tips for him?

"I think it is a natural process that happens to some players who travel to Europe. It changes methodology, training intensity, game intensity, even life, very big. Not all players will come and play soon Paulinho is a very young player, he left here very young. He is a player with little experience here and has already made a big leap. He must be patient, keep working. Be open to advice, get to know German culture better. Communicate better with his teammates, be open for that, be open to learn about German football, not lose his essence, which is what drove him there as a Brazilian football player. his time will come, there will be more sequence and he will respond

Do you think Leverkusen can meet Bayern and other teams in the Bundesliga title match?

"Leverkusen has a very young team. It is always difficult to compete with Bayern Munich. Borussia Dortmund is a better team. Leverkusen also has Champions, which is an important tournament. I think they can repeat last season, with another Champions League position and if you can fight for the title during the year, you will. "

What are the main differences you noticed from Jesus to Abel?

"They are two good coaches. Mister Jesus has a game-thinking and tactical arrangement that fits very well with our players' characteristics. I think that was the biggest difference. He knew how to use a tactic that got the most out of every player."

Have you ever had a conversation with the players? How do players feel differently about Jesus?

"The players are happy, as they were with Abel. Flamengo has a very committed group, very professional in this regard. The player will always give himself 100%, regardless of coach, but of course today we are going through a very difficult phase. . "

How are your heart and expectations to see Flamengo in the Libertadores final?

"The fan lives up to this expectation a lot. But we who are in football know that what led Flamengo so far was to think game after game. And this will continue to be our thinking, see every game at once, now focused on the Brazilian And when you do, we will focus 100% on Libertadores. "

You ended your career at the beginning of the year and the team is fighting for the Brazilian title and the Libertadores final. Do you have a regret that you did not extend your career a little longer?

"I actually think I've expanded as far as I could in my career. 40 years is hard to keep playing at a high level. I also started very early, already 17, already in Flamengo, with a very big responsibility. Everyone who saw you know that it was very difficult (to continue) after the serious injury I had. Flamengo's level today is also very demanding, top level players could do and now I will try to help.

Many make Flamengo a favorite. Do you agree?

"There is no favorite. Another final in a competition like Libertadores, very difficult to reach. The game will be set on the pitch in 90 minutes and are two fantastic teams."

What do you think Flamengo can do in that decision not to make any mistakes? And what can upset Flamengo in the decision?

"Flamengo has played many decisions throughout the season throughout the season. Experienced players, accustomed to this level of play. We certainly won't have any problems with that. I don't see anything that can get in the way. Flamengo is ready to play every decision."

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