Saturday , September 25 2021

It's #FAKE video shows Eike Company's car cemetery

A video accompanied by the information that the President-elect Jair Bolsonaro's transitional team is located in Pará, a truck cemetery of the company Eike Batista with 720 semi-trailers, all with BNDES stickers circulated through social networks. The message is #FAKE.

One of the posts reached more than 1 million views on Youtube. The video has been distributed in WhatsApp groups. BNDES clarifies that the video shows trucks belonging to Transportadora Batista Duarte. That is, the trolleys are not from the Eike Batista.

BNDES has indirect business with the carrier, but explains that in such cases, the default risk, if any, with the financial agents bridging the gap between the borrower and BNDES.

In addition, the trucks were not abandoned. According to the company, they were temporarily suspended due to growing problems. And it was 2016, and not now.

Here's what the fake message says:

"The Bolsonaro government's transition team in action revealed 720 carriages (all with BNDS stickers) abandoned in Pará from one of Eike Batista Companies. People's money was thrown in the trash by PT orders at BNDES Unbelievable here the cemetery of Bi-train cars !!! Watch the video ".


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