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iPhone 11 sells like water in China and should help Apple surpass Huawei worldwide


Apple has the reason to be happy and relieved with the launch of the new iPhones: while on the one hand they have brought a little more than what we have already seen in the Android universe, on the other hand, Apple's eager mobile audience is pleased with the new camera options. and good batteries. Proof of this is the numbers.

Even in the Chinese market, where the dispute is very strong due to the names of Xiaomi and Huawei, the Cupertino giant has sold 10 million iPhone 11 according to the local government report. Because Apple no longer discloses its sales figures, this is the data that analysts have been working to track the path for devices there.

The figure is surprising as it represents 6% growth over the same period last year, when Apple launched XR, XS and XS Max. It also helped in China to increase the practice of combining more and more. the offer of a handset with a telephone plan where both are paid in the same monthly fee. In addition, Tim Cook's trading program is in full swing there and offers good discounts.

Even the first time shoppers can take advantage of the "cut" in the price of the iPhone post: Apple charges $ 50 less for the most basic model of the past year, and offers much more for it, since now the phone "in" is already on the shelves with two cameras, 4 GB RAM and the market's best processor: Apple A13 Bionic.

These numbers, experts say, should help Apple reach second place in global smartphone sales. Huawei has steadily increased to a silver medal in recent years, but the mishaps created by Donald Trump's administration have slowed it down and may need to replace its medal with bronze.

Remember that the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are now available for sale in Brazil.

And you, do you see any Apple smartphone to buy on Black Friday or until Christmas? Tell us in the comments!

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