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Good and shared heart: Washington does not select fans in Fluminense x Atlético-PR | South American cup


Named in Fluminense and Atletico-PR's history, Washington will be present at Maracanã on Wednesday night to see the team's duel for a place in the final of the South American Cup. And, in order to lovingly keep the passengers through both clubs, Braveheart will also be heart shortage.

"As for Atlético-PR and Fluminense, you can not cheer on just one. I'm completely divided. I had special moments for both teams, wonderful moments. There really is no way. I am divided for this decision – confess the former attacker, now a federal vice.

Washington, Valente Heart - Photo: João Áquila / GloboEsporte.comWashington, Valente Heart - Photo: João Áquila /

Washington, Valente Heart – Photo: João Áquila /

Brazilian champion of fluminense

At Tricolor, Washington had two passages. Only in 2008 was he one of the main names of the team who was Vice President of Libertadores – with the right to an unforgettable goal that got the classification at São Paulo in the quarterfinals. He still completed the year as champion in Brasileirão, with 21 goals. In the second round, which began in 2010, he won the Brazilian title in Conca, Fred and Cia. and next year he left the lawns.

"I had two big moments for Fluminense. At Libertadores 2008, in the memorable games against São Paulo and Boca Juniors, and the Brazilian Championship 2010, team with which I was a champion. These were remarkable moments.

Washington Fluminense Libertadores 2008 - Photo: DivulgaçãoWashington Fluminense Libertadores 2008 - Photo: Divulgação

Washington Fluminense Libertadores 2008 – Photo: Divulgação

Top scores in only one edition of Brasileirão of Hurricane

For Atletico-PR has two moments that protect with love. It was with orchestra death that the former attacker treated the heart problem that earned him the nickname "Braveheart" and returned to the fields 2003 after more than a year's standing. Within the four lines he returned with goals: he swung the net 34 times in Brazil 2004, the year in which the team was runner, became top scorer in the same edition of the contest, a record that remains to this day.

– For Atletico-PR I had two very important moments. My return to football after being a year and two months ended without knowing that I would return to play because of the problem in the heart and, of course, Brazil 2004 when I became the biggest scorer in a single edition.

Washington Athletic-PR - Photo: DivulgaçãoWashington Athletic-PR - Photo: Divulgação

Washington Athletic-PR – Photo: Divulgação

And if you choose a team to go on Wednesday, the heart leaves Washington on the wall, when we ask to analyze the moments of the two teams, the former player leaves a passion and uses the reason:

"The moments of the two teams are very different. I see Atlético in a better phase. It comes in a crescendo in Brazilian and South American championships. The team is experiencing a better moment than Fluminense, who has come into a very large administrative crisis reflected on the plan. There are already some games that can not win, to score. But with the help of Fluminense fans, Atlético can also play better and with a good advantage, anything can happen.

Fluminense and Atletico-PR decide on Wednesday a free space in the big US decision. TV Globo sends the live live to RJ and PR from 9:45 AM EST. Track TV will also broadcast.

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