Tuesday , July 27 2021

Gastronomic Circuit of Favelas arrives at Rio on Sunday, at Complexo do Alemão

Favela's gastronomic circuit arrives at Rio on Sunday, with its first stop at Complexo do Alemão in the northern zone. The project, organized by culture producer Danusa Carvalho and rapper Flávio Renegado, is to spread the gastronomic identity of society and recognize the possibility of generating income through estimation and exchange of knowledge about the peripheral labor force. In addition to concerts, workshops, lectures and activities for children, cooks who live in the region present their specialties at Rua Engenheiro Manoel Segurado, from noon until 20:00.

ThaisaArtes Thaisa Nascimento takes the event her recipe for Banana Pudding, an American dessert of banana and cream similar to a pavé (R $ 10).

Baião de Dois (R $ 15), signed by chef Fagner Mendes, comes with everything that is right: rice, beans, spinach cheese, calabrese sausage and bacon.

Christopher Esmarte's X-Tudão (R ​​$ 15), from Chris Lanche's stall, produces ham, muzzarela, bacon, fried egg, salad, tomato and sauces. Another option is dried meat of Cesar Gomes, with gnocchi, fried aipim and pharmacy (R $ 15).

Chef João Diamante was chosen to choose the chefs and give training wherever the project goes, using the presentation and pricing of the counter. Eight to nine exhibitors of gastronomy were chosen in each of the communities. "The choice is not easy. They are talented people who often have the food when they get bread," said Diamante. "The communities are the new centers, and almost everyone with self-sufficient economy. Our goal is to introduce them to a new audience, make the city, "he adds.

Next Sunday, the gastronomic festival will take place in the Andaraí complex, on Geribá Street, Grajaú, from noon until 20:00. The closing ceremony will be the first Saturday of December (02/12), in Terreirão do Samba (Rua Benedito Hipólito 66, Centro), from 1 pm to midnight, with great embroidery, lots of music and good food. The ticket costs R $ 5 or $ 2.50 for anyone wearing 1 kg of food or toy for donation.

All proceeds from the sale of the products go to gastronomic players. Belo Horizonte, where the project was born, received the first two editions of the gastronomic circuit of Favelas, 2017 and 2018, bringing together an audience of 60,000 people.

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