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Enem has "abrao grtis" against anxiety and applause for "almost backward" – education


(photo: Paulo Filgueiras / EM / D.A.Press)
(photo: Paulo Filgueiras / EM / D.A.Press)

The data on the 10 718 areas of application for the National Higher Education (Enem) were closed at 11 pm (Hora de Braslia) on September 11 in 1,725 ​​municipalities across Brazil. From 1:00 PM, students will be in the classroom where security procedures were performed. The test ends at 6:30 and students can only leave the test report from 6:00 onwards. This year, candidates will have 30 minutes to do the second test. Overall, it will be five hours to respond to math and science issues, including biology, physics and chemistry. In the first weekend, the tests for Languages, Humanities and Redao were applied.

Happy and late

After the end, a student saw the corner. "Drive! Run!" Screamed the people in the cut. Without slowing down, the boy picked a pen, offered by a stranger, dribbled curiously and managed to walk through the still open door. It was the last to come in, at exactly 13. All outside applauded.

Although the subjects represented many people, the atmosphere among the students was calm. "I worked hard, I hope I lost what I studied," says Daniel Lima, 17-year-old, who tested for the first time. You want to study digital games. "Last week, it was very tired because of the amount of texts. For today, I expect a more" direct "proof."

At Unip da Rua Vergueiro, in the center of So Paulo, hundreds of vestibules were gathered just a few minutes before the test. Opposed to the test showed a group of posters of "abraos grtis".

"We've already gone through Enem, so we know there's pressure from families, colleagues, small schools," said Jssica Gnther, 22, a student at USP's Farmcia and a student in a Bible study group. "Our view is to encourage students," said Samuel Jardim, 24, who is also a member of the group.

For a last minute review, students used cell phones instead of books. Postulate a place in the medical course, the student Isabela forms a "veteran", even though she is only 20 years old. She does Enem the last time – three of them as coaches.

"To get some answers, you have to use formulas, but all questions are contextualized," he predicted the university entrance examination, which this year followed a study session from 7:00 to 9:30 between books at home and at school.

Also contesting a place in medicine, Alex Gonalves, 18, studied the lunch to endure 5 hours of testing. "The secret is to do 30 missions and then give it a rest, then 30 more, and rest, and then it goes," he said.

A resident of Cambuci, in the south, left Gonalve's home in advance because he had a bus. "I came early to avoid unforeseen."

With less than 15 minutes left to close the port, garom Ayr Xavier, 22, exhausted. Morador de Prado, a city in the interior of Bahia, has lived since last week in the parents house in Santa Cruz, in the south and used the metro.

"I registered before I moved, I would not lose," he said. Xavier completed High School 2012, but did not do Enem after that – the goal of passing the audiovisual course. "The proof of that time was much easier," he said. "I was not going to college, but I'm trying to get a more stable life."


Two candidates arrived at 1 am to 1 to take the second test and complained that the port was already closed. "I do not think it was at 12:59, we could have come in. It was sternness on his part," he said, referring to the prosecutor. He claimed he had closed the port when the bell rang, after setting the schedule. The candidate, who refused to identify, said that her car broke down and she had to take a taxi. "I paid $ 50 for the competition for nothing, and it was even worse that I did well during the first race," he regretted.

Retired truck driver Edivaldo da Silva, 61, arrived almost two hours to give Enem, "looking for a dream," as he said. He wants to graduate in agronomy at a public university or at least one scholarship. "I worked from childhood and could not study at the right time, now I'm driving this dream." Silva lived in So Paulo until he "crossed over" his dog, a co from the wrong queue and lost his arm's movements. "I could not drive and decided to go back to the study." He had finished his education in primary grade four and succeeded in completing elementary school in an adult school.

Silva makes the third Enem. "In 2016, I received a scholarship at the private school, but I recovered from the accident and I could not go back." Finally, Sunday's competition, he says he did not do a good race. "The change in the number of questions, from 45 to 90, made a big difference to me, and when I saw there was not enough time to finish and I had to speed up the race. The former truck driver had a hard time in the Sunday competition." I have trouble with math, but if I do not do this year I will be here in 2019, "he promised.

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