Wednesday , September 28 2022

Eletrobras offers discounts for discharge


Customers of Eletrobras Distribuição Alagoas, who are in hindsight with Distribuidora, have until 31 December to settle the situation with special discounts. The Encouragement Conformity Campaign applies to residential, industrial, commercial and rural consumers.

In order to negotiate the debts, it is enough for the customer to look for one of the distributor's presence offices in all state municipalities. Discounts of 100% on fines and interest for late payments will be offered, and 50% for installments, with at least 30% of the principal amount of the debt.

In October 2018, the crime of private classes reached Eletrobra's R 222 million. The class representing the highest default value is home, with more than R $ 142 million, followed by a commercial class with outstanding amounts reaching R $ 47 million. Criminal industry and rural class crime reached more than R $ 20 million and R $ 12 million, respectively.

"The end of the year is a time when people try to solve all the debts that have for some reason been delayed throughout the year. Eletrobra's intention is to create better conditions for these customers, to avoid possible residence permits, credit rating agencies and legal collections," explains André Carvalho , recovery manager.

"Consumers' compliance with the distributor enables the company to fulfill its commitments and constantly improve the service and reliability of the energy supply," Carvalho adds, explaining that the campaign is not applicable to debts involved in litigation or securities already targeting past installments.

Service stations: In Maceió, the gas stations in Eletrobras are in Já! Shopping Mall Maceió and Maceió Shopping Mall (formerly Iguatemi), and Rua José Bonifácio, 168, in the city center. The full list of posts in the state and its working hours can be found on the link

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