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Botafogo wins, moves away from humiliation and complicates Flamengo in the struggle for the title

Vitor Silva / Botafogo

With a good first half, Botafogo Flamengo won 2-1 on Saturday in Nilton Santos. The result made the victories 41 and opens a good advantage for the Brazilian championship closure zone. In addition, the triumph compacted black, which comes with 60, competing in the title of the A series.

The home team were better, especially in the first half and went well into the break after the goals of Erik and Leo Valencia. Flamengo came back in the final phase and slowed down with Vitinho but did not reach out to reach the root.

In the next round, Botafogo will meet Chapecoense on Thursday at Cond. J Flamengo enters the field the same day against Santos in Maracan.

The class started tight, with both teams more concerned about giving space to the rival. So much so that the match's first good chance was 18 minutes, with Botafogo's opening in 18 minutes. Leo Valencia threw Erik, who took advantage of the mark and touched the exit from Csar.

Revs sent Flamengo to attack, but without objectivity. J Botafogo kept the visitors in the game after 28 minutes. Leo Valencia sent Cesar a free kick and sent it to the net.

The game followed the same scenario. The red blacks without any offensive inspiration, while the more organized algae gossip. Glorioso reached almost the third 34 minutes. Brenner got a passport in the area, but he fired badly down at the bottom.

Only in the last minute Flamengo made a rush, especially with Vitinho. However, red black still had problems at the time of completion. Botafogo slowed and led the lead in half-time.

In the second half, flamenguistas returned with a different attitude. Lucas Paquet forced Gatito Fernndez to make a good save. As the next minute, the team of Dorival Jnior reduced the score. Couples crossed category and Vitinho found the other cross to the head of the net.

The target animated red black, which followed in the pressure looking for the tie. Vitinho, the best of Flamengo in the match, made almost the other in an incorrect charge. The ball hit the crossbar after a corner.

Botafogo could respond after ten minutes. Leo Valencia made the most of his run in the middle. The offer excited the owners of the house, which was almost expanded three minutes later. After a corner, Erik went alone, but Cesar made a good defense to save the flames.

After that, alvinegros does not balance Swedish because they came to control the game. Flamengo missed a lot of passports and gave the advance a risk of bone failure. Only in 22 minutes, Flamengo started again. Lucas Paquet enjoyed bats and returns in the area and surprised to end by bicycle. However, the ball went through the bottom.

Over time, the law seemed to be worn out. With that, the game became more concentrated between the intermediaries. Botafogo managed to create a good opportunity 38 minutes into the match when Rodrigo Pimpo beat Csar's cross.

In the last minute, Flamengo tried to get the attack to reach the root, but saw Botafogo well-organized. The winners still had a good chance, with Leo Valencia and Erik. Nevertheless, Botafoguense secured the result to the last whistle in Nilton Santos.


Gatito Fernndez, Marcinho, Joel Carli, Igor Rabello and Gilson (Moiss); Matheus Fernandes, Rodrigo Lindoso, Luiz Fernando (Rodrigo Pimpo) and Leonardo Valencia (Renatinho); Erik and Brenner (Kieza)
Technical: Z Ricardo

Cesar, Par (Rodinei), Rver, Lo Duarte and Ren; Gustavo Cullar, Willian Aro, Lucas Paquet, Everton Ribeiro (Marlos Moreno) and Vitinho; Fernando Uribe
Technician: Dorival Jnior

goal: Erik, 18 minutes from the first half; Leo Valencia, 28 minutes in the first half (Botafogo); Vitinho, 3 minutes into the second half (Flamengo)
Yellow card: Gilson, Rodrigo Lindoso, Gatito Fernndez and Joel Carli (Botafogo); Cullar, Ren, Lucas Paquet, Rver, Willian Aro and Diego (Flamengo)

income: R $ 169,885.00
the public: 16 882 payers

place: Nilton Santos studio in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
date: November 10, 2018 (Saturday)
clockwise: 7 pm (from Brasilia)
arbitrator: Braulio da Silva Machado (SC)
assistants: Klc Lcio Gil (Fifa-SC) and Neuza Ines Back (FIFA-SC)

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